Thursday, June 25, 2020

The meaning and the etiquette of sending flowers

1 rose represents-only you in my heart ONLY YOU! You are the only; love at first sight!

2 roses represent-only us in this world! Heart to heart; love each other!

3 Rose representatives-I love you I LOVE YOU! I love you life and death!

4 Rose representatives-until death! Eachother!

5 Rose representatives-sincerely appreciate! No complaints!

6 Rose representatives-mutual respect and love and mutual understanding!

7 Rose representatives-I secretly love you! Happy meeting!

8 Rose representatives-thank you for your support and encouragement! Good luck!

9 Rose representatives-long time ALWAYS! Stay together forever!

10 Rose representatives-perfect and perfect! Happy and happy; heartfelt!

11 Rose representatives-the favorite only cares about you! One heart and one mind; favorite in heart

12 Rose representatives-love for you is increasing day by day! All love; good luck for a year!

13 Rose representatives-friendship lasts forever!

14 Rose representatives-proud!

15 Rose representatives-I'm sorry for you I’M SORRY!

16 roses represent-changeable restless love! Smooth sailing

17 Roses-Desperate and irreparable love!

18 Rose representatives-sincere and frank! young and beautiful!

19 Rose representatives-patience and anticipation! Love forever

20 Rose representatives-I only have a sincere heart! Love for life

21 roses symbol-sincere love!

22 roses symbol-good luck! Love goes with you; you have me, you have me

24 Rose Symbols-Thinking of Every Hour

25 roses symbol-I wish you happiness!

27 roses symbol-love forever

30 roses symbol-faith is destined! In silence

36 roses symbol-romance!

40 roses symbolize the love that will never die!

50 Rose Symbols-Encounter by chance!

51 roses symbol-only you in my heart

99 roses symbol-FOREVER! Everlasting; Everlasting Love

100 roses symbol-100% love 100% LOVE! Hundred years of harmony; white-headed old age

101 roses symbol-the most...favorite! Eternal Love!

108 roses symbol-marriage proposal!

111 roses represent-endless love

144 roses representatives-love you every day and every month

365 roses representatives-miss you every day

999 roses representatives-enduring, endless love

1001 rose representatives-forever

10,000 roses symbol-love you for ten thousand years

What do the roses of different colors mean?

Red roses represent passion and true love;

Flower language: I hope to have passionate love with you (also represents: passionate love);

Yellow roses represent cherished blessings and jealousy

Flower language: enjoy the days with you (also represents: apology);

Purple roses represent romantic truth and precious and unique;

White roses represent pure love;

Flower language: Our love is pure (also represents: respect);

The black rose represents tenderness and sincerity; you are the devil and you own it;

Orange roses represent friendship and youthful beauty;

Flower language: dedicated to you a mysterious love (also represents: shyness);

Blue Rose stands for kindness and uniqueness;

Pink Rose Flower Language: I like your bright smile (also represents: first love);

Light green rose represents: youth stays forever;

Champagne rose flower language: I only love you one.

Rose (red + white): total

Rose (red + yellow): happy

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