Saturday, June 27, 2020

The heart of the car 6 tips for daily engine maintenance

6 little common sense of car heart engine daily maintenance. Since the engine is the "heart" of the car, what are the main aspects of the car's maintenance of the "heart" of the car? Auto repair experts recommend the following six aspects.

1. Use lubricating oil of appropriate quality grade. For gasoline engines, SD-SF grade gasoline engine oil should be selected according to the additional devices and use conditions of the intake and exhaust system; diesel engine should be selected based on mechanical load CB-CD grade diesel engine oil, the selection criteria is not less than the manufacturer's requirements .

2. Regularly change the oil and filter element. The oil quality of any quality grade of lubricating oil will change during use. In order to avoid the occurrence of failures, the oil should be changed regularly in accordance with the use conditions and the amount of oil should be moderate.

3. Keep the crankcase well ventilated. Most gasoline engines are now equipped with PCV valves, but the pollutants in the blow-by gas will deposit around the PCV valve, which may block the valve. Therefore, the contaminants around the PCV valve must be removed regularly.

4. Clean the crankcase regularly. During the operation of the engine, the high-pressure unburned gas, acid, moisture, sulfur and nitrogen oxides in the combustion chamber enter the crankcase through the gap between the piston ring and the cylinder wall, and are mixed with the metal powder generated by the wear of the parts to form Sludge. Therefore, the crankcase should be cleaned regularly to keep the inside of the engine clean.

5. Regularly clean the fuel system and control the formation of carbon deposits, which can keep the engine in the best condition.

6. Rusting and scaling of the engine water tank are the most common problems. Rust and scale will limit the flow of coolant in the cooling system, reduce heat dissipation, cause the engine to overheat, and even cause engine damage. Therefore, the water tank should be cleaned regularly to remove rust and scale.

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