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The flame is out for a long time, and it will not catch fire. The reason is that the battery is low.

Recently, the temperature is extremely low. Not only can the cold be unbearable, but also some cars will be "unbearable" in the cold. When they wake up early in the morning, the car will not catch fire; the car will be "frozen" and will not catch fire after a while According to these reasons, the editor deliberately interviewed some old drivers who have been driving for a long time. Sure enough, Jiang is still old and spicy. The editor heard a few small ways to deal with these troubles. Let's take a look below.

Car battery

Example one

Stopped by the road for one night and suffered a fire

Early in the morning on December 24, when the owner, Mr. Zhao, was about to drive, he found that the car could not catch fire and could not be started at all. Tried the experience in "Legend"-after stepping on the accelerator, I found that the car still could not start. In the past, Mr. Zhao always parked his car in the garage, but because he lived in the mother-in-law's house the night before, the car could only be parked on the side of the road. Unexpectedly, this happened.

After Mr. Zhao called the rescue phone to explain his situation, the other party replied that to wait for the rescue to be estimated until 5 pm, Mr. Zhao can only call the nearby vehicle maintenance department. After a series of inspections, it was found that the excessive force and excessive number of times when the car stepped on the accelerator caused the four spark plugs to be flooded. The spark plugs need to be replaced; and the battery needs to be recharged after multiple fires.

The car won't catch fire

Example 2

The roadside waits for people to stop driving

On December 25, Miss Sun drove to an office building to pick up a colleague for an invoice. When she started the car in the morning, she tried it more than a dozen times. She wanted to find a place to repair it but she ignored it when time was tight. When the colleague went upstairs, she turned off the car and listened to the radio while waiting for someone. After more than ten minutes, when the colleague returned to her and tried to light the fire again, she found that the car could not start at all and could only wait for rescue. In this way, Miss Sun even shouted "Wanxing". "This is broken in the middle of the road, and the trouble is even greater!"

Example three

Change the battery directly for half a month on a business trip

The owner, Mr. Dong, has been driving a car for 5 years. At the time of the sunrise from December 1st to 15th, he parked his car directly downstairs at home and wanted to drive after returning home. After the inspection, the repairman found that the battery was completely empty. Finally, the battery in the repair department was on fire. The repairman told Mr. Dong that the battery on his car is getting old. Due to the fact that it will not open for a long time, the battery will run out in such a cold day, and the battery will run out of power.

Car battery

How to avoid such things happening, Mr. Dong has a lesson. He reminded other car owners that even if they didn’t drive, they had to start the car once a week, so it would be fine.

Don’t like to fight with fire

Low battery

Xiao Tong, an after-sales service representative of a car brand of Beier Road, said that the power consumption of the car at low temperatures will be significantly greater than in other seasons, and the battery will also become lower in capacity due to the low temperature environment.

Response: Go to the franchise store to recharge the battery in time, or replace the battery in time.

Spark plug replacement is not timely

Spark plug

Chen Jie, a senior auto mechanic at Xichengxi Auto Repair Factory, suggested that the owner should first check the spark plug if it is difficult to catch fire. Because the performance of the spark plug is good or bad, it is related to the working performance and efficiency of the vehicle. Generally, the original spark plugs for low-end cars on the market are resistance spark plugs, while the original spark plugs for middle and high-end models are mostly iridium spark plugs, and their lifespans have certain standards.

Response: Whether the spark plug needs to be replaced, remove it and check it to know. Mainly look at the burning color, the gap between the electrodes, whether the gap between the porcelain body and the metal shell leaks, etc. In addition, he also said that if the owner finds that the car is difficult to start in a cool state, there should be a clear sense of frustration, idling jitter when driving, or the engine acceleration performance is reduced, should check the spark plug in time.

Blocked oil flow

This phenomenon is particularly evident in the Northeast region. In winter, the viscosity of the engine oil will increase accordingly, and the flow of the engine oil becomes more difficult, thereby increasing the resistance of the engine. This caused difficulties for the car to start cold in winter.

Response: Mr. Liu, a 24-year-old driver, said that motor oil, one of the most important factors for driving in winter, is not at all sloppy. If the car is overnight outdoors, and the temperature is lower than -25℃ at night, it must be replaced with 5W30 or 5W40 oil.

Exhaust pipe freezing electronic throttle carbon deposit stuck etc.

The freezing situation of the exhaust pipe mainly occurs to the owners who are relatively close to the home. Their cars are used infrequently, and the water vapor from the combustion of the engine freezes on some parts of the exhaust pipe, and short-distance driving is not enough to allow these icings to melt and freeze more after a night. A long time will affect the starting and exhaust of the vehicle.

Coping: The solution is actually very simple. Run a long distance every weekend in winter, in order to use strong exhaust power to drain the water in the exhaust pipe in time.

Tips: Before driving in winter, you must carefully check your car to avoid unexpected things on the road. If the car has the above-mentioned problems, it is recommended to go to the auto parts store for repair. Maybe the bad place is only a little, but He will affect the entire car.

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