Friday, June 26, 2020

The efficacy and role of tea

1. Efficacy and role of green tea

Anti-aging, reduce blood fat, prevent arteriosclerosis, reduce cardiovascular disease (green tea itself contains tea ganning, tea ganing is to improve the toughness of blood vessels, so that blood vessels are not easy to rupture); weight loss, anti-caries, clear bad breath, anti-cancer , Whitening and anti-ultraviolet; antibacterial, with intestinal function; can improve indigestion, such as acute diarrhea caused by bacteria, drink a little green tea to reduce the condition.

2. The efficacy and role of black tea

Black tea is mild in nature and mellow in flavor, which can help digestion of the gastrointestinal tract, remove greasy, appetite, help maintain health, promote appetite, diuretic and eliminate edema. Has strong myocardial function. It has strong antibacterial power, and gargle with black tea can prevent cold caused by filtered virus, prevent tooth decay and food poisoning, lower blood sugar level and high blood pressure. Black tea is no less effective than green tea and more beneficial to the heart. For those with weak spleen and stomach, adding a little milk when drinking black tea can play a certain role in warming the stomach.

3. Efficacy and role of black tea

Supplement dietary nutrition, aid digestion, dissolve greasy, gastrointestinal; reduce fat, lose weight, soften human blood vessels, prevent cardiovascular disease; antioxidant, delay aging, prolong life and longevity; anti-cancer, anti-mutation, lower blood pressure; lower blood sugar, sterilization, anti-inflammatory , Diuretic detoxification, reduce the toxicity of tobacco and alcohol.

4. Efficacy and role of oolong tea

Skin beauty and resistance to aging: drinking oolong tea can maintain a high level of vitamin C in the blood and reduce the amount of vitamin C excretion in the urine. Slimming: Rare weight loss products. Tooth decay prevention: After eating a cup of oolong, the polyphenols contained in the tea have the effect of inhibiting the production of tartar enzymes. Improve skin irritation.

5. Efficacy and role of yellow tea

Yellow tea is 椤茶. During the process of 椤, the digestive enzymes produced can protect the spleen and stomach, increase appetite, and help digestion. Digestive enzymes can restore the metabolic function of fat cells and remove fat. Tea polyphenols, amino acids, soluble sugars, vitamins and other nutrients in yellow tea prevent and treat esophageal cancer. More than 85% of the natural substances in the fresh leaves of yellow tea can be sterilized and anti-inflammatory.

6. Efficacy and role of white tea

White tea is a slightly fermented tea. White tea has the health effects of three antibodies (anti-radiation, anti-oxidation, anti-tumor) and three drops (lower blood pressure, lower blood fat, lower blood sugar), as well as nourishing the heart, liver, eyes, god, gas, and beauty Body function.

It can treat diabetes, prevent cerebrovascular disease, lower blood pressure, and improve immunity by antivirus.

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