Friday, June 26, 2020

The degree of fermentation determines the life of tea

How long can tea be stored? The life of tea is determined by the degree of fermentation. Some are more mature and more fragrant, while others are not suitable for long-term storage.

Black tea, Pu'er:

More and more

Both black tea and Pu'er are post-fermented teas, which can be stored for a long time in a clean, moisture-proof, and odor-free environment.

The more valuable tea you can save, the better the quality of the tea itself, and it can withstand years of polishing. It's gold, it always shines; it's garbage, and it's rotten leaves even after a long time of transformation.

White tea:

The more you stay, the more medicine

White tea is slightly fermented tea, not fried or kneaded, only dried in the sun or mild fire, and is as simple as a child.

The new white tea of ​​that year was cold and cold in the summer, and it was a clear spring in the summer. If it is put in a certain year, the nature will turn warm, the taste will be mellow, and the medicinal properties will be more obvious. "One year of tea, three years of medicine, and seven years of treasure" is not a ridiculous name. It is like the physique of tea leaf Dan. When you get an oral ulcer, drink more old white tea. It is also very pleasant to think about making a pot of old white tea with friends in winter.

green tea:

One year's freshness lies in spring

Green tea is a kind of non-fermented tea. The green leaves of the clear soup emphasize the word "fresh". Every year, Qingming and rain are the season for green tea to go on the market. After a winter of silence, the euphoric freshness and agility are all condensed in the leaves.

Green tea has high requirements for preservation. Generally speaking, the greener tea with more raw materials needs to be stored in the refrigerator. If it is improperly stored, it may begin to turn yellow and smell in 2 or 3 months. There are also some green tea with slightly older ingredients that can be placed at room temperature. If you want to drink the freshness of green tea and the unique bean flavor and chestnut aroma, you still need to drink it as soon as possible!

Yellow tea:

Close relatives with green tea

The production process of yellow tea is similar to that of green tea, except that there is an additional process of braising the yellow tea. Because the operation of braising yellow rice is cumbersome, time-consuming, and the production area is small, the audience is small, so the price of yellow tea is relatively high, and there is no sense of existence in the market.

Yellow tea is similar to green tea. Drinking it the most can reflect its quality characteristics. Its shelf life has not made much progress because of yellowness. About one and a half years is almost the same, of course, except for squeezing yellow tea.

black tea:

Years old

Black tea is a fully fermented tea. The active substances in the tea are completely oxidized, and there is no room for conversion.

The aroma of black tea was better, but the taste was not so smooth. If you drink it after one year of storage, the aroma will be more elegant and the tea soup will be softer and smoother.

The shelf life of black tea is relatively long, and it can be kept for more than 2 years. The black tea that has been around for a long time has no fragrance. It smells very light, but it tastes more mellow and smooth.

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