Thursday, June 25, 2020

The correct sleeping position can sleep well

As the saying goes, medicine tonic is worse than food tonic, and food tonic is worse than juebu. One-third of a person’s life is spent sleeping, and it is enough to see how important sleep is to us. Especially for the girls who love beauty, "cosmetics" is indispensable. Sleeping well can not only improve your beauty and help you lose weight, but also reduce the risk of various diseases. However, some friends have heard that if you want to get a good night's sleep, you need to ensure that you don't have enough time to sleep. You have to find the correct sleeping position to sleep well and sleep beautifully.

Talking about the sleeping position, some friends like to sleep on their right or left side, some friends like to lie on their backs with their feet on their feet, and some friends like to sleep on their stomachs... Sleep right? How do I sleep tonight?

Rumors about sleeping positions

① Will the left lying position compress the heart?

In fact, there are many rumors about sleeping positions. For example, there is a saying that I believe many small friends have heard it, and it seems to have a scientific basis. That is: sleeping on the left side will oppress the heart. The reason is very straightforward-because the heart grows on the left. However, our heart grows in the chest cavity, which can be said to be protected by the inner three layers and the outer three layers. Is it so fragile that it will be oppressed when you sleep? In general, as long as you are healthy, there are no problems such as heart disease. , There is no danger of sleeping on the left, you can’t sleep for this.

②The right side is the most secure?

There is also a saying that the right lying position is the most secure position, because the right lying position may be closest to the position of the fetus in the uterus, such a sleeping position makes us feel safe. When we were still babies, how could we always stay in the same direction in our mother’s stomach? After birth, do you still remember in which direction you were sleeping? This statement has not been scientifically verified, and you don’t have to believe too much . And when we grow up, where does the sense of security come from? It is affected by many factors, and it varies from person to person. Understanding the source of your insecurity and solving it may be more conducive to a good night's sleep.

③ curled up to sleep like a fetus?

A similar argument is to curl up and sleep like a fetus in the mother. The reason for this statement is that the fetal baby's cerebral cortex is not yet fully developed and does not have enough ability to control muscles, so it will sleep in the mother's stomach in this most relaxed and initial posture. If adults imitate the fetus and use this sleeping position, they can fully relax their muscles and brain. Uh, whether this statement is scientific or not, I have tried to sleep like this myself, first I can't sleep, and I feel tired after waking up. Conclusion: failed attempt. Because it is difficult for adults to curl up like a baby, but it makes the back muscles tight and the breathing is limited.

As long as it is comfortable and safe, it is suitable for your sleeping position!

For young people, especially those who are under a lot of work pressure, the mental fatigue is often more than the fatigue of the body muscles. Therefore, sleep is mainly to relax tired nerves. Therefore, you don’t have to worry too much about your sleeping posture. You can sleep as you relax and feel comfortable, and after sleeping, many friends will change their posture consciously, which can only be freely played by the body.

As long as you understand your physical condition and ensure "comfortable" and "safe", it is suitable for your sleeping position. In general, as long as your daily health is good, the routine physical examination indicators are basically normal, and your sleeping posture has little effect on you. Here, understanding the pros and cons of some common sleeping positions may help you adjust your sleeping position.

Pros and cons of common sleeping positions

When supine, our head, neck, and spine are generally in a more natural physiological curve, which can prevent neck and back pain and reduce the chance of acid reflux. For girls, the biggest benefit is to help reduce wrinkles and maintain a confident chest. Of course, the premise is that your pillow should be suitable and properly support your neck. However, the tongue base tends to fall back when lying on its back, which hinders breathing and can easily cause snoring, so the snoring partner should consider sleeping in a different position.

Prone, commonly known as sleeping on the prone, many small partners feel more satisfied with this sleeping position, the limbs are stretched, the points of the body will be more evenly dispersed, and feel very relaxed. When sleeping face down, breathing will be smoother, and it is more suitable for people who are easy to snore. But you must twist your head to the side when prone, and the spine can hardly be in the most relaxed state. When you wake up, you may feel numbness and tingling in some areas.

From the perspective of the whole body, lying on the side may be the most suitable sleeping position. As long as your pillow is suitable, keep the head and neck and spine at the same level, lying on the side will not cause neck and spine discomfort, it can also reduce acid reflux, and it is also friendly to snoring partners. Doctors generally recommend pregnant mothers to sleep on the left side. Its shortcomings may be that the girl is more concerned, lying on the side will cause the face to be squeezed, and when you wake up, there are more indentations on the face, which many friends have encountered. Sleeping like this often may accelerate the formation of wrinkles.

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