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The complete list of 68 kinds of tea, dedicated to tea lovers

Chinese tea culture is broad and profound,

There are many types of tea,

Each tea has different effects on people.

Here are the effects of 68 kinds of tea,

See if you drink it right?

1. Tieguanyin: In addition to the general health care functions of tea, it also has the effects of anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-arteriosclerosis, prevention and treatment of diabetes, weight loss and bodybuilding, lowering fire and diarrhea.

2. Pu'er tea: it also has the effects of clearing heat, cooling heat, detoxifying, digesting food, removing fat, water, laxative, expectorant, wind-relieving, relieving cough, relieving cough, replenishing energy, prolonging life and so on.

3. Wuyi Rock Tea: Contains a variety of chemical elements and caffeine, tea polyphenols, lipopolysaccharide, etc., its pharmacological properties are particularly significant. Not only can it refresh your mind, improve your eyesight, improve your health, reduce worries, quench your thirst, sterilize, cleanse, diuretic, relieve heat, and sober up, but also reduce blood pressure, lose weight, resist radiation, prevent cancer, and delay aging.

4. Longjing tea: It can purify blood vessels and prevent stroke and heart disease.

5. Biluochun: It has the functions of anti-aging, antibacterial, anti-cancer and blood fat reduction, slimming and fat reduction, anti-caries, clear bad breath, anti-cancer and whitening.

6. Huangshan Maofeng: It has certain benefits for promoting blood circulation, lowering cholesterol, increasing single capillary blood, and enhancing blood anticoagulation. At the same time, Huangshan Maofeng can also play a role in preventing cancer.

7. Lushan Yunwu Tea: has six major effects-lipid-lowering, weight loss, antihypertensive, anti-arteriosclerosis; inhibits the production of tumor cells; nourishes the stomach, protects the stomach; strengthens teeth and teeth; anti-inflammatory, sterilizes, cures dysentery; anti-aging.

8. Lu'an melon tablets: conducive to the prevention and suppression of cancer; conducive to the health care treatment of cardiovascular diseases; conducive to weight loss and clean up intestinal fat; conducive to clearing away heat and dryness, detoxification and beauty.

9. Junshan Yinzhen: It has most of the health-care effects of general tea: excitement, fatigue, sleep less, reduce phlegm, detoxify and quench thirst, diuretic eyesight, and increase nutrition. It also has bactericidal, antioxidant, anti-aging, and cancer prevention effects.

10. Xinyang Maojian: Not only has a high content of nutrients, but also can clear the mind and eyesight, dispel heat and quench thirst, disturb and refresh, help digestion and strengthen the spleen.

11. Taiping Monkey Kui: Anti-radiation, lowering blood pressure, preventing dental caries, clearing bad breath.

12. Qimen Black Tea: It can help gastrointestinal digestion, promote appetite, diuretic, eliminate edema, and strengthen myocardial function.

13. Chrysanthemum tea: reduce fire, diuretic.

14. Rose tea: beautify the skin and relieve nerves. Suitable for women and children to drink.

15. Gui Guixiang: nourish yin and kidney, adjust function, adjust endocrine, protect liver and stomach, detoxify and nourish the face.

16, lavender tea: go to scar beauty, relieve nerves. Suitable for women and children to drink.

17. Ling Dian: weight loss, fitness, suitable for women and children to drink.

18. Camomiro: prevent colds, suitable for women and children to drink.

19. Luoshen Flower Tea: lower blood pressure.

20. Shaboli: It has a strong taste, adjusts the digestive system, sobers up, and is suitable for men to drink.

21. Bo Lumei: The taste is heavy, the digestive system can be adjusted, and it can wake up and wake up.

22. Tam tea: suppress asthma, suitable for children to drink.

23. Ginger tea: Qufeng sweating, spleen and stomach.

24. Cassia tea: light taste, clear eyes, clear blood.

25. Houttuynia tea: diuretic.

26. Carambola tea: annealed, coughed, phlegm.

27. Wolfberry tea: retreating liver fire, nourishing kidney qi, and improving eyesight.

28. Mung bean tea: annealing, moisturizing, detoxification, diuretic.

29. Black bean tea: Relieves kidney poison fire, refreshes and reduces phlegm.

30. Barley tea: Remove dampness and relieve itching.

31. Lotus Heart Tea: Reduce liver fire.

32. Indian black tea: lower blood pressure.

33, Yunnan Tuocha: weight loss beauty, lower cholesterol.

34. Honey tea: nourish, moisturize, detoxify and relieve pain.

35. Thyme: Cough, expectorant, can treat bronchitis and asthma.

36. Don't forget me: clearing away heat and detoxification, clearing the mind and eyesight, nourishing yin and kidney, nourishing beauty, nourishing blood and nourishing blood, and can promote the body's metabolism, delay cell aging and improve immunity.

37. Carnations: Nourishing and nourishing the face, calming the mind and quenching thirst, clearing the eyes and clearing the eyes, eliminating inflammation and annoying, rejuvenating the throat, strengthening the kidneys and strengthening the bones.

38. Qianrihong: Contains amino acids, vitamins C, E and various trace elements needed by the human body. It has the effects of clearing liver and eyesight, relieving cough and asthma, lowering blood pressure and detoxification, beauty and beauty.

39. Lily: rich in protein, starch, sugar, phosphorus, iron and various trace elements. It has the effects of reassuring, gall bladder, nourishing, moistening lungs and coughing.

40. Jasmine: Improves the phenomenon of drowsiness and anxiety, and also has effects on chronic stomach diseases and menstrual disorders.

41. Xuelihua: clearing liver and reducing fire, regulating qi and strengthening spleen.

42. Saffron: nourishing blood and nourishing blood, regenerating qi and nourishing qi, detoxifying and nourishing the face, regulating qi and strengthening the stomach, especially for the treatment of gynecological diseases.

43. Lantern Flower: It has obvious curative effect on the pain of waist and legs caused by kidney deficiency and kidney deficiency and spasm of extremities. It can also relieve headaches and toothaches.

44, Xin Yihua: detoxification and beauty, cooling off thirst, reducing blood pressure and weight loss.

45. Wild chrysanthemum: cold in nature, sweet and bitter, anti-virus, rheumatism, headache relief, eyesight.

46. ​​Golden lotus: Clearing away heat and detoxifying, nourishing the liver and improving eyesight, refreshing and strengthening the stomach, it has obvious curative effect on the treatment of stomatitis, pharyngitis and tonsillitis.

47. Jade Butterfly: whiten the skin, reduce blood pressure and lose weight, and can promote the body's metabolism, delay cell aging and improve immunity.

48. Red Qiaomei: Reduces fire, reduces inflammation, detoxifies and nourishes beauty, delays aging, and has obvious curative effect on the treatment of melasma, freckles, stains and acne caused by endocrine disorders.

49. Violet: Lilac violet can relieve alcoholism, headache and anxiety, especially for respiratory diseases.

50. Roselle: Cough, cool down, anti-aging, reduce fat and lose weight.

51. Honeysuckle: clearing away heat and cooling blood, detoxifying and relieving pain, and treating facial acne.

52. Lavender: has antibacterial function, can prevent colds, cough, relieve stress and relieve anxiety.

53. Ginseng flowers: soothe the mind, clear away heat and detoxify, moisten the lungs and clear the fire.

54. Osmanthus: It has the functions of relieving cough, reducing phlegm, and nourishing the lungs. It relieves dry mouth, flatulence, and upset stomach.

55. Mint leaves: It can prevent bad breath, help digestion, drive away evil spirits, cure headaches, and enhance physical strength and sedation. Suitable for mixing in various herbal teas.

56, Jiaogulan: clearing heat and detoxifying, can lower blood fat and cholesterol.

57. Hibiscus: moisturizing and nourishing, skin care and beauty, rich in vitamin C.

58. Sunflower: Cough and expectorant, can treat bronchitis and asthma.

59. Peony: It can relieve pain, stop coughing, stop bleeding, promote blood circulation and prevent high blood pressure.

60. Rhododendron: lower blood fat, lower cholesterol, moisturize and nourish the face.

61. Ginkgo biloba: clearing away heat and detoxifying, lowering blood fat and lowering cholesterol.

62. Bodhi: It prevents skin aging and eliminates dark spots. It has curative effects on influenza, neurasthenia and chronic insomnia.

63. Rosemary: It has the effects of expectoration, anti-infection and sterilization. It can enhance vitality, refreshing, enhance memory and lower cholesterol.

64. Camomile: eyesight, liver remission, treatment of insomnia, lower blood pressure.

65. Verbena: effective in treating migraine and strengthening the nervous system.

66. Blue Kwai Jin: It can make meridians smooth, eliminate eye fatigue, and have a gentle maintenance effect on the respiratory tract. It can treat colds, sore throats, and coughs.

67. Cornflower: It can help digestion, relieve rheumatic pain, and help treat stomach pain.

68. Yuhua tea: it has the functions of quenching thirst and clearing the mind, digesting diuresis, treating asthma, expectoration, removing annoying and greasy.

All teas will have different effects in different types, such as green tea can detoxify, anti-radiation and anti-oxidation, black tea can nourish the stomach and enhance immunity, white tea can slim down, flower tea can be beauty and beauty; the effect of different tea will be different for different constitutions and different people Different effects.

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