Thursday, June 25, 2020

The common sense of prevention and treatment of stomatitis in autumn and winter

Angular cheilitis is also known as "rotten mouth corner" and is a common oral disease in autumn and winter. The main cause of angular cheilitis is the decrease in sebaceous gland secretion due to the dry climate in autumn and winter. The lips and the surrounding skin are chapped due to insufficient moisture. To alleviate this chapped discomfort, many people habitually lick their lips with their tongues, hoping to pass Saliva achieves the purpose of moisturizing.

But as everyone knows, saliva is often volatilized when it encounters dry air, which makes people trapped in the strange circle of licking and drying, and more seriously, the microorganisms in saliva may be brought into the crack with the licking of the tongue. Causes bacterial infection and exacerbates inflammation. Suffering from angular cheilitis not only affects the appearance, but also has a certain impact on speaking and eating. Therefore, the prevention and treatment of angular cheilitis is extremely necessary when autumn and winter come.

To prevent angular cheilitis, reasonable supplementation of vitamin B2 is the key. Therefore, in your daily diet, you should eat foods rich in vitamin B2, such as yeast; liver, kidney, heart of animals; milk, eggs, eel, crab; soybeans, broad beans; peanuts, green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits Wait. In addition, it is necessary to avoid the destruction of vitamin B2 in food during cooking. For this, the following three points should be emphasized:

One is to minimize the number of rice panning when cooking, and avoid rubbing the rice hard;

The second is to try not to soak the vegetables in water. Vegetables should be washed and then cut, and they are fried and eaten;

Third, in order to avoid destroying the structure of vitamin B2 when cooking, less alkali should be added during cooking. It is best to use an iron pan to cook quickly.

At the same time, in autumn and winter, if you feel your lips are dry, you can apply honey, erythromycin ointment or lip balm, etc., and avoid licking your lips with your tongue. If you already have angular stomatitis, you can take vitamin B2 or anticandidiasis drugs and antibiotics, and apply grease or anti-cracking oil to the affected area. You can apply Yunnan Baiyao or Bingbo powder locally. If the affected area is more serious or even eroded and inflamed, apply 1% gentian violet liquid to the corners of the mouth twice a day.

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