Monday, June 29, 2020

The chassis needs to be carefully maintained

Please pay attention to the chassis rust

The corrosion of the car generally starts from the chassis, because the sewage, rainwater and snow melting agent in the car wash will remain on the bottom of the car more or less, which will cause corrosion and damage the car for a long time.

Expert advice: Once the chassis components are rusted and corroded, it will lead to the loosening of the vehicle structure and bring hidden safety risks.

Do not use alkaline cleaning solution

When the chassis encounters an alkaline cleaning agent, it not only prevents the chassis from rusting, but also shortens the rust prevention time.

Expert advice: Owners can go to a professional car beauty shop for regular chassis care.

Install Chassis Protective Film

When driving through the maintenance section, there is a lot of sand and stone. The continuous impact of these sand and stones will also damage the anti-rust paint of the chassis, so that the metal is exposed on the surface of the chassis, and it will quickly oxidize and rust due to direct contact with moisture.

Expert suggestion: a protective film can be installed on the chassis to improve the anti-rust ability.

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