Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The best time to train your baby to eat independently

Now there is only one child in a family, and the whole family is spoiled together. As a result, many babies still cannot eat by themselves in kindergarten, or they cannot eat a meal by themselves; some babies can obviously eat by themselves in kindergarten, but When you get home, you refuse to eat by yourself; some babies are a whole house chase battle even if you feed him. So how old can the baby start to train himself to eat independently without feeding? The best time is this, Bao Ma is about to seize it, and it is very troublesome.

1. Understand the baby's growth period

Many parents do not know the child's growth and development schedule clearly. According to the previous general impression, I think what should happen at this time. Generally speaking, there is not much problem. After all, the child's growth cycle is about the same. However, due to the doting of the elderly, the matter of baby eating is a difficult history. So when it comes to feeding, many parents don’t know when to let go and let their children eat. Every ability of a child has a golden period for learning, and the first golden period for children to eat independently is about 6 months, 6 months to 1 year old is the best time for the baby to start learning to eat by himself .

2. The signal that the child eats independently

I know the approximate time for children to eat independently, but each child is not the same in the morning and evening, so how to judge? Generally speaking, if the child shows the following behaviors, it is time for the baby to want to eat independently: shake his head or avoid the food passed by the adult and want to come by himself; imitate the refusal of the adult to eat and reach out and grab the adult's hand The spoon or food in it.

3. Parents should consciously give their children an independent opportunity

When the child just started eating, it was normal to have food everywhere. Many parents feel that this is very troublesome and they have to take care of it. If it is troublesome, they will simply take care of it themselves, or think that the child will not eat much at all. Anyway, they will eat it by themselves. It is now in the developmental period. The key is to let the child eat first. Anxious also charge d'affaires. No matter what kind of psychology it is, it is depriving the child of the opportunity to learn to eat independently. For younger children, it is a little difficult to concentrate on a meal, so parents can give some help appropriately. As they grow older, they can completely let him eat for themselves. Now the entry age of kindergarten is 3 years old. Before this, I did not learn to eat by myself. When I got to the kindergarten, I would inevitably go hungry. After all, there are many students and the teacher can’t feed each one.

4. Cultivate good eating habits from an early age

When children want to eat for themselves, parents are willing to give their children a try, then they need to actively cultivate their children's good eating habits. The main point is, don’t eat while watching TV, don’t play with toys, etc. when eating; don’t joke and laugh when you eat, and parents at the dinner table avoid too much fun and laughter, and create a good dining environment for children.

Let go and let the children eat for themselves, let them feel the deliciousness of the food, and the parents can also enjoy the parent-child time with peace of mind, which is a very wonderful thing for the children and the parents. You should know that adults and babies will have fewer and fewer opportunities to eat together. Why not enjoy it.

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