Friday, June 26, 2020

The benefits of girls drinking green tea, when to drink the best

Drinking green tea for a long time can play a variety of benefits, such as delaying aging, maintaining the figure, and defending against ultraviolet rays. But drinking tea also has time to pay attention to. Drinking the right time will make the effect clearer, so when is the best time to drink green tea?

The benefits of girls drinking green tea

1. Improve muscle endurance. Studies have found that tea contains an antioxidant called catechins, which can increase the body's ability to burn fat, improve muscle endurance, help fight fatigue, and increase physical exercise time. Drinking green tea often has the most significant effect.

2. Resistance to ultraviolet rays. Tea polyphenols are water-soluble substances. Washing your face with tea can clear the greasy face and constrict pores. It has the effects of disinfection, sterilization and anti-aging of the skin. It also helps to reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin in sunlight. It is a natural "sunscreen cream" ".

3. Keep in shape. The discussion about tea in "Compendium of Materia Medica" in the Tang Dynasty once mentioned "long eating is thin", which is confirmed by modern scientific research. The caffeine in tea can promote gastric juice secretion, help digestion, and enhance the body's ability to break down fat. Foreign studies have also shown that drinking tea regularly can reduce waist circumference and lower body mass index (BMI), which can help prevent diabetes and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

4. Protect against radiation. Foreign studies have shown that tea polyphenols and their oxides can absorb some radioactive substances, protect cells from radiation damage, and also help repair damaged cells. Clinical studies have shown that tea extract can treat mild radiation sickness caused by cancer patients during radiotherapy, and reduce blood cells and white blood cells caused by radiation.

5. Improve memory. Tea polyphenols help local adjustment of the brain, improve memory and improve learning efficiency. Foreign studies have confirmed that drinking tea can prevent and treat neurological diseases, especially cognitive impairment in the elderly. In addition, caffeine can stimulate the central nervous system, which has the effect of refreshing, benefiting and purifying the mind.

6. Improve bone density. Although tea contains caffeine, which promotes the loss of calcium with urination, the content is extremely low. Even black tea with high caffeine content is only 30 to 45 mg per cup. In fact, more content in tea is to help reduce the loss of calcium, including fluorine, phytoestrogens and potassium. A Taiwan study found that people who drink tea often have higher bone density and a lower probability of hip fracture.

When is the best time for girls to drink green tea

1. One hour after a meal is the best time to drink tea to lose weight.

It is often said that drinking tea before meals to lose weight is good because drinking tea before meals can suppress appetite, but in fact, because tea contains a large amount of tannic acid, it will have a greater stimulation on the gastric mucosa, causing gastric dysfunction and causing indigestion , It will also stimulate the intestinal mucosa, thereby hindering the intestinal absorption of nutrients. In addition, theophylline in tea will inhibit the absorption of iron in the small intestine. Therefore, in general, drinking tea before meals is actually not good for weight loss.

Drinking a cup of tea 1 hour after a meal can scrape away the fat, promote digestion, and prevent fat accumulation.

2. It is better to drink green tea at three o'clock in the afternoon

Drinking tea around 3:00 pm can regulate the body's energy, enhance the body's resistance, and prevent colds. For some "three high" people, if they insist on drinking afternoon tea, it can have a significant effect . And tea is rich in vitamin E, which has the effect of resisting aging. Green tea enters the kidney meridian, which helps remove water from turbidity and make urination more smooth. Tea polyphenols in green tea are also the most abundant, with obvious antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

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