Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The 4 parts of the baby who are most afraid of the cold. As a mother, don't you know it?

Cold is not necessarily caused by eating. Because the baby is too small, if there are several parts that are not well protected, the child will be cold. Let's take a look at some special parts of the baby that are easy to catch cold.

1. Baby's head and neck

When the baby is small, the hair is still sparse, especially now this season, the outdoor wind is relatively large, if the baby stays longer outside, it may cause the child to catch cold. After the baby is caught in the cold, symptoms such as headache, depression, and loss of appetite may occur. Therefore, the mother should pay attention to the mental state of the child. If this happens, she should seek medical attention. When the baby goes out in autumn and winter, his parents should wear hats, scarves, etc., and must ensure the quality to prevent the baby from allergic to wool and other clothes, and not too thick, try not to let the child sweat.

2. Baby's back

Experienced mothers know that many babies especially love prickly heat, especially the back. If they are not handled properly, the child will feel very itchy and prone to infection. Therefore, in order to prevent the child from having prickly heat, some mothers let the child sleep naked. In fact This is a wrong approach. Although the baby does not have prickly heat on the back, but in this case, the child's back will easily catch cold, showing cold and runny symptoms. Therefore, when the child is sleeping, the mother should properly dress the baby, which can not only prevent the child from prickly heat, but also protect the back from the cold.

3. Baby feet

In this weather, many mothers still wear sandals for their babies to cool down. This is true, but pay attention to wearing socks for your baby, because if you don’t wear socks for your baby, the baby’s feet will be easy Colds usually cause diarrhea and loss of appetite. When your mother encounters this situation, don't worry, you should put on socks for your baby in time and drink more hot water.

4. Baby's belly is particularly cold

Whether it is a TV series or in real life, the baby usually wears a small bellyband. This is done to protect the baby's small belly from cold. Because the baby's gastrointestinal function is not perfect, if the small belly is cold, diarrhea, indigestion and other symptoms will occur, so the mother must pay attention.

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