Monday, June 29, 2020

Ten tips for body aging, scratch maintenance and repair

1. Tips for inspection and maintenance of body aging and scars: No matter what kind of car, there will be large or small scars. How much damage does the scar cause to the surface paint? How can it be repaired? All must consider the correct disposal method. If the scar is not too striking, the smart way is not to ignore it.

2. Tips for repairing and maintaining wear scars: All cars have scratches. The best repair method is to fill the scars with the same coating agent as the car body. The coating agent can be applied once, twice or three times. The more times it is, the cleaner it will be. But the uniform treatment of the entire body is also important.

3. Repair and maintenance tips for small scars If the car body is found with scars, first check the extent of the scars. If the surface paint is only scratched lightly, treat it with a mixture immediately, and wipe it in a straight line. After the scar disappears, wipe it with a finer mixture before waxing.

4. Tips for repair and maintenance of scratches and peeling of the surface paint: Deeper scars, the main point is to observe whether the metal surface is exposed. If the metal surface is not visible, it will not rust, and you can apply the modification paint intently. Use the tip of the pen to go up little by little and wait for the paint to dry completely.

5. Tips for repairing and maintaining deeper scars: Very deep but slender scars can be repaired well with colored putty. Use sandpaper on the scars. Do not expand the scars casually. It is important to remove the dirt. Putty must be carefully applied so that it completely enters the interior. Finally, apply the mixture and wax to finish the work.

6. Tips for repairing and maintaining depressions: Treatment of depressions is one of the most troublesome tasks in car body maintenance. The important thing is to lay a good foundation. If this step is not done well, no matter how good the painting is, the effect will not be good. When spraying paint, don't forget to cover the surrounding area with newspaper to prevent the paint from spreading around.

7. Tips for anti-rust countermeasures: When rust is found, it is immediately resolved. If left unattended, the rust spots will gradually expand. The way to prevent rust is to clean it with sandpaper, or use a chemical synthetic agent that changes the rust point. Depending on the situation, use them separately.

8. Water leak prevention tips: The waterproof strips attached around the door and trunk are easy to peel and twist. However, if there is no crack or deformation, it can be used again. Just re-stick it to prevent water leakage. It is also important to use a protective agent to restore the elasticity of the rubber itself.

9. Tips for repairing and maintaining bumper scars: The method of dealing with the scars of the insurance is to remove the burrs and apply putty to smoothen the potholes. Special putty, prepare a variety of colors, choose the closest color. Paint spraying is very important for bumpers of the same color as the body.

10. Engine oil maintenance tips: Too much or too little oil will affect the engine. The ideal quantity is the part close to the upper limit of the oil scale. Replenish the engine oil, and try to prepare products of the same grade as the engine oil in use. Be careful not to splash around the engine, test once a month.

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