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Ten basic knowledge of tea

Drinking tea is only a part of life, and it cannot bring about a fundamental change in life. However, if you drink too much tea, your body will feel more transparent, and the state of life will make people more comfortable and relaxed.

When many people just start drinking tea, when they see the word "Dahongpao", they mistakenly think that it is black tea. In fact, it should be oolong tea.

There is still a lot of basic common sense of tea like this, which can be said to be something for everyone, otherwise it will be a joke!

01. Anji white tea is green tea, not white tea

Although the name of Anji white tea carries the word "white", it is actually green tea, because the classification of tea is calculated according to the processing technology.

Why is it called white tea? Because of the low temperature in spring, the tea tree buds and leaves of Anji White Tea mutated, and the color of the leaves was extremely pale, close to white. This tea is produced in Anji County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, so it is called Anji White Tea.

02. Dahongpao is oolong tea, not black tea

Dahongpao's name comes from a legendary story. Ding Xian, the son of the prince, went to Beijing to rush to the mid-test for abdominal pain. He happened to meet a monk with a cup of tea to cure his illness. , "Dahongpao" tea got its name. It is actually Wuyi Yancha, which belongs to the oolong tea category, not black tea.

03. Junshan Silver Needle is yellow tea, not white tea

It is true that the white silver needle is white tea, but don't see "silver" and mistakenly think that it is all white tea. The Junshan Silver Needle is classified as yellow tea according to its craftsmanship, but it is called Junshan Silver Needle because it is covered with white hawthorn.

04. The "sixth" of Lu'an melon tablets reads lù, not liù

Lu'an Guapian is one of China's top ten famous teas, produced in Lu'an City, Anhui Province. Lu'an is a place name. The "six" is pronounced "land" instead of the number "6". This word is easy to get wrong, so be careful.

05. Phoenix "Single Bunch" is not Phoenix "Sandong"

On the market, there are three ways to write about Phoenix Single Bundle, namely "Single Bundle", "Dan Cong" and "Single Follower". Literally, “clustering” means “gathering” and refers to trees that have grown together; “fir” is a tree name, alias fir, so it’s not right; “from” doesn’t look right. And according to the notice document of the Chaozhou government, it is required to write "single bundle" all.

06. Do not confuse Chaoshan "Kungfu" tea and "Kungfu" black tea

Although "work" and "work" have similar meanings, there are subtle differences. "Gongfu black tea" refers to black tea made with time, effort, and energy. "Gongfu tea" refers to the tea drinking customs of Chaoshan, Fujian, Taiwan and other places that pay attention to tea sets, brewing and tea tasting.

07. "Duck shit incense" is fragrant, not smelly

"Duck shit incense" does not have the smell of duck shit, but a classic fragrance of Phoenix Shancong, which can also be said to be the representative of Shancong tea.

There are also several sources for the name of "Duck Shit". One is that the tea farmers are afraid that the tea seedlings will be stolen, and they deliberately slandered the name of the tea. The other is that the tea tree is planted on the yellow soil commonly known as "duck soil". So named.

08, "Yellow Film" is serious, don't want to be skewed

The "yellow flakes" in tea are not "yellow flakes", don't think about it. Yellow flakes are not only found in Pu'er tea, but also in other teas. After the tea leaves are roughened, some of the older leaves are twisted and unshaped to form coarse tea flakes, which usually need to be picked together with tea seeds and tea stems.

09. There is no flower in jasmine tea, it is true

There is no jasmine in the jasmine tea, so why is it so fragrant? Is it flavored? The main process of jasmine tea is "scented scent", or "scented flower", that is, the tea is mixed with flowers to allow the tea to absorb the floral fragrance, and then the flowers are removed, and the rich aroma of jasmine tea is formed many times. A good jasmine tea generally does not see a petal, while some later leaves part.

10. Junting Silver Needle from Dongting Lake, Biluo Spring from Dongting Mountain

We often say "Dongting Biluochun", where is Dongting? Biluochun is produced from Dongting Mountain in Taihu Lake, Jiangsu Province. Dongting Mountain is a collective name for Dongshan Mountain and Xishan Mountain, and is actually two islands in the lake. The Dongting Lake is from Hunan Province. There is an island called Junshan in the lake, which is rich in silver needles in Junshan.

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