Thursday, June 25, 2020

Teach you how to dry clothes indoors-tips for drying clothes in the house

1. "Long, short, long" drying method

Tests have shown that the washed clothes are laid out in different rows to dry, which are "length", "length" and "length". The results show that the clothes arranged as "length" are the fastest to dry. When the clothes are arranged in an arch, there will be space in the middle, and the air flowing through here can generate an updraft and quickly remove the moisture.

2. Make good use of newspapers and fans

When drying clothes, you can put the newspaper under the clothes rack, because the newspaper has a strong moisture absorption function, which can speed up the drying of the clothes. In addition, you can use fans, air conditioning and other equipment to enhance the air circulation to make the clothes dry faster!

3. Retain the largest area

Many people will choose to hang the towel symmetrically, but this will prevent the moisture from escaping. You may wish to try using a long side and a short side hanging method to speed up the distribution of moisture on the towel.

4. Increase the air circulation area

Quilts, large towels, bath towels and other relatively large pieces can be combined into triangles with multiple hangers and rods to support the bath towels to increase the air circulation area and accelerate the drying time.

5. The trousers are propped into a tube shape

Jeans have always been difficult to dry. You may wish to try using a hanger to dry your socks. The trousers are stretched into a tube. The trousers are also opened to facilitate air circulation and can dry faster.

6. The collar should be erected

When drying shirts, the collar can be erected to increase the area of ​​contact between the clothes and the air, and naturally dry faster!

Tips for drying clothes in the house quickly

1. When the washing machine is dehydrated, it can be dehydrated more than twice

Recently, washing machines with a drying function have performed very well. In the rainy season, there should be many people who use this function. However, if the washing machine does not have a drying function or care about the wrinkled clothes after drying... wait, try to use the "dehydration function".

When the fully automatic stroke of the washing machine is finished, the dehydration button is manually pressed again. Although it is necessary to pay more attention to the different materials of the clothing, but two dehydration can remove more water and shorten the drying time.

2. It is better to "dry in the bathroom" than to dry in the room

The rain keeps raining and I have to dry my clothes in the house. The clean clothes in my house are really annoying.

When you hang clothes in the house, you always want to hang them on the window frame, which is actually inappropriate. Due to the high humidity near the window in rainy days, it is difficult to dry the clothes to be washed, and the parasitic bacteria will also move in from the window or curtain, causing an annoying odor.

In a place where clothes are washed at home, a "bathroom" is more suitable than a room. Although the bathroom always feels a lot of moisture, it is because of the high humidity that there is a way to effectively dry the bathroom with a ventilation fan.

Spread hygroscopic "newspaper" on the bathroom floor, it will dry faster. If possible, it is best to activate the ventilation fan about 30 minutes before drying the clothes.

3. There are also tips on how to hang it on a clothes rack

The basic coup is to let the washed clothes dry quickly. The most well-known method is to fold the clothes apart when hanging them on the clothes hanger.

To shorten the drying time, the clothes must be turned over before hanging on the clothes rack. Clothes with long sleeves and hats should be hung upside down to dry. If you do this. The overlapping parts such as seams or sleeves can also be easily blown into the wind.

4. How to prevent the annoying odor when drying clothes in the house?

Another annoyance when drying clothes in the house is the annoying smell of the wet clothes. To prevent the propagation of parasitic bacteria causing odor, it is effective to gently spray "sterilizing alcohol spray".

When washing clothes, it is also important that the amount of laundry and laundry detergent are not excessive. When the amount of laundry to be washed at one time is too large, the dirt cannot be completely removed, and the oxidized dirt will cause odor. In addition, when the amount of laundry detergent is too large to dissolve completely, the residue will cause parasitic bacteria or mold.

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