Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Teach you 6 ways to distinguish between grain wine and alcohol

Anyone who believes in drinking and not drinking knows that wine made from grain is better and healthier, but how to distinguish whether it is made from grain or alcohol? The following teach you a few tricks, simple and convenient to distinguish between grain wine and alcohol wine.

1. Judging from the implementation standards

GB\T10781-2006 is the implementation standard of solid-state liquor. It is pure wine as raw material, and it is produced by solid fermentation of koji, which is the good wine that people often say.

GB\T20822-2007 is the implementation standard of solid-liquid combination method liquor. That is, part of the liquor is alcoholic liquor, and part is grain wine.

GB\T20821-2007 is the implementation standard of pure alcoholic liquor.

2. Hop observation method

Turn the bottle upside down and shake it twice to observe the hops carefully. The hops are dense and disappear slowly, which means that it is high-quality wine; the hops are less and disappear quickly, which means that it is inferior wine.

3. Judging from the ingredients

The first thing we need to know is that Daqu Liquor is generally regarded as the best quality wine in my country, and the essential ingredients of Daqu Liquor are wheat, sorghum and peas. So when we buy wine, take a closer look at the ingredients bar, if there are a few of the above mentioned, it is basically Daqu wine.

4. Hand rub

Pour a little bit of wine in your hand and smell it after rubbing a few hands. If the fragrance is exquisite, it means high-quality wine; if it emits sweetness, it means mid-range wine; if it emits a bitter smell , That means low-grade wine.

5. Empty cup method

Pour the wine into an empty glass, then pour it out, and then smell the glass again. If it smells like a choke, it will not smell after 10 minutes. That is alcohol. The flavor of grain, wine and trough is brewed wine. In general, the longer the aroma remains, the better the quality of this wine.

6. Water addition method

Alcoholic wine does not lose its gloss after adding water, while grain-brewed wine will appear cloudy and lose its gloss after adding water. There are some substances in grain wine that are insoluble in water and only soluble in wine. After adding water, the alcohol content is reduced, so these substances will precipitate out, making the wine cloudy.

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