Monday, June 29, 2020

Talking about the knowledge of spring car maintenance, the respiratory system is the key

Spring weather becomes warmer, rain increases, smog appears from time to time, and the car's respiratory system also needs to undergo more severe tests like people. Cars, like people, will have some discomfort during the season change. If the maintenance is not done properly, it will cause it to suffer from serious illnesses. Therefore, the cleaning of the interior and exterior of the car and the maintenance of key components require the careful treatment of the majority of car owners.

Clean the air in the car

In the spring, the weather becomes warm and humid, and the seemingly clean car actually hides many bacteria and mites that are invisible to the naked eye, and emits a pungent smell from time to time, so the air in the car needs to be cleaned.

Dust and food residues in the car are prone to breed bacteria and mites in the spring. At the same time, spring is a period of frequent respiratory diseases. The space in the car is small, and the passengers are most likely to infect each other with bacteria. Generally speaking, there are two methods of steam sterilization and photocatalyst.

Steam sterilization is to align the steam outlet of the steam engine with the ceiling, seats, floor wool, air conditioning vents, instrument panel, and trunk. The steam emitted by the steam engine up to 130°C is used to kill harmful bacteria in the car and remove the air. Smell.

The photocatalyst sprays the photocatalyst on the ceiling, non-contact operation table, and the door of the car to decompose tiny substances such as germs, mites, and odor into carbon dioxide and water, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization and deodorization.

Two filters to remove dust in time

After entering the spring, it is very important to clean and dust the important parts of the car. If the auto parts are too dirty, the filtering effect will be poor, and excessive impurities will enter the oil cylinder, which will aggravate the wear of the parts and increase the possibility of failure; if it is severely blocked, it will also cause the vehicle to not work properly.

The most important ones are air filters and air conditioner filters. When the car is in use, when the general ambient air quality is good, the air filter can be replaced regularly according to the maintenance cycle. However, when the surrounding air quality is poor, you should pay attention to the cleaning of the air filter. If the air filter is too dirty, the amount of air entering the cylinder will be reduced, resulting in a decline in the power performance of the car and the speed. The air conditioner filter should be cleaned or replaced regularly during use, otherwise the clogged filter will prevent and reduce the air from entering the evaporation tank. Although the air conditioner is very large, it still feels not cool, and some vehicles are also accompanied by Odor.

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