Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Talking about emergency nursing of heat stroke patients

Emergency department is like a disease vane, what season, what disease corresponding. Faced with the scorching sun outside, patients with heat stroke will always come one after another. Let's talk about the first aid and care of heat stroke patients.

Heat stroke refers to dysfunction of body temperature regulation caused by high temperature, excessive heat accumulation in the body, which leads to damage to nerve organs. In the classification of heat stroke, heat stroke is severe heat stroke, which is a fatal disease with a high mortality rate. The disease usually occurs in summer with high temperature and high humidity.

First aid outside the hospital:

1. Move: quickly lift the patient to a ventilated and cool place, lie down and unbutton the clothes, loosen or take off the clothes. If the clothes are soaked in sweat, they should be replaced and cooled. The patient's head can be covered with a cold towel, available Alcohol, liquor, ice water or cold water for a full body bath and then blow with a fan or electric fan to accelerate heat dissipation, but do not quickly reduce the patient's body temperature. When the body temperature drops below 38 degrees Celsius, stop all cold cooling and other strong cooling measures to replenish the water. The patient still When you are conscious, you can give some refreshing drinks. When you add water, you can add a small amount of salt or baking soda, but you must not rush to add a lot of water.

2. Promote awakening: If the patient has lost consciousness, he can pinch acupuncture points such as Zhonggu and Hegu to wake him up. For severe heat stroke patients, they must be sent to the hospital for treatment immediately.

3. Transfer: It should be used when transporting the patient. The stretcher should not be used to allow the patient to walk. At the same time, the ice pack should be applied to the patient's forehead, back of the pillow, chest, elbow fossa and thigh base as much as possible during the transportation to actively cool the body.

First aid in the hospital:

1. Physical or drug cooling, rubbing bath with cold water or alcohol, massage the limbs and trunk skin at the same time, promote blood circulation and accelerate heat dissipation, cooling should be stopped when the anal temperature drops to 38 degrees; the commonly used drug is chlorpromazine, which has the effect of suppressing body temperature Regulate the center, dilate blood vessels to accelerate heat dissipation, reduce organ metabolism and oxygen consumption.

2. To correct dehydration, acidosis and electrolyte disturbances, intramuscular injection of diazepam or 10-20ml of 10% chloral hydrate to retain enema during convulsions, comatose patients should keep the respiratory tract unobstructed and give oxygen, apply antibiotics as appropriate, prevent infection, and actively handle complication.

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