Sunday, June 28, 2020

Talk about waxing and sealing glaze

The car maintenance that the car owner's friends listen to the most is still about the maintenance of the internal engine and assembly, but the maintenance of the car is not limited to this. In fact, the car's exterior paint surface also needs careful care like the human skin. It is usually more popular to wax and glaze the car. Here are two ways to maintain the "skin" of the car.

Pay more attention to waxing

Waxing is a good way to protect the paint surface, but there are many knowledges about waxing and waxing. The car waxes currently on the market are available in solid and liquid types, and the quality is also uneven. Care must be taken in the selection. Improper selection not only cannot Protect the car body, but accelerate the aging of the paint surface. Under normal circumstances, the wax suitable for the above characteristics should be properly selected according to the properties of the car paint, the use environment, the color, and the degree of old and new. New cars are best coated with light wax to protect the luster and color of the car body. When the driving environment is poor, tree wax should be used for protection. Ordinary vehicles should use ordinary pearl-colored or metallic paint series car wax, and high-end vehicles should use high-grade car wax, otherwise it will damage the car body.

As for the grasping of the waxing time interval, it is also necessary to make judgments based on different use environments and places. Generally, there are garages parked, and vehicles that are driving on good roads should be waxed every 3-4 months. For vehicles parked in the open, it is best to wax them every 2-3 months due to wind and rain. You can also judge by touching. Generally speaking, when you touch the body with your hand and feel it is not smooth, you can wax it again.

Before waxing, it is best to use car wash to clean the dirt and dust on the exterior of the body. Remember not to use detergent and soapy water blindly, because the sodium chloride contained in it will corrode the body paint layer, wax film and rubber parts, make the car paint tarnish and rubber parts aging. If there is no special car wash water, you can clean the car with clean water, dry the car body before waxing.

When waxing, apply an appropriate amount of car wax with a sponge block, and apply straight and reciprocating on the car body. Do not pour the wax liquid on the car and apply it in a circular or circular manner. One operation must be completed continuously, and it is not allowed to stop. Generally, the wax layer should be evenly polished with a new towel after 5-10 minutes, but the quick car wax should be applied and polished.

Full knowledge of sealing glaze

Automobile sealing glaze is to press the protective agent similar to glaze into the interior of the car paint through a special vibrating and polishing machine to form a firm protective layer in the form of a net. The inside is rich in UV absorbers, which can be isolated from the air and will not be oxidized or ultraviolet radiation. So it has a long shelf life and protects the car paint from fading. After the new car is bought, it can be sealed to keep the glaze of the car. The old car has a repair function. However, it is recommended that owners who want to seal the glaze should buy the new car and seal it. This is the most thorough protection. .

Car glazing needs five procedures to complete:

The first step is neutral cleaning. Don't look at just cleaning, but very particular. The cleaning agent must be neutral, because the alkaline cleaning agent will corrode the car paint. If it remains in the gap of the car body, the corrosion will be greater.

The second step is sanding of clay. Since dust, colloids and other dirt stored for a long time are difficult to remove by cleaning, the surface of the washed car paint is still rough and rough, which requires a "decontaminated clay" extracted from fine volcanic ash Comprehensive polishing treatment.

The third step is deep cleaning. Just like the pores on human skin need to be cleaned, the pores of car paint also need to be cleaned. Use an electrostatic polishing wheel with a brightener to generate static electricity while rotating, sucking out the dirt in the pores. At the same time, the brightening agent penetrates into the interior of the car paint, and a reduction reaction occurs, which can achieve the effect of car paint brightening as new.

The fourth step is to shake the glaze. This is a key step of glaze sealing and beauty. Under the squeeze of a special vibrating and polishing machine, a glaze-like protective agent is deeply pressed into the pores of the car paint to form a solid mesh-shaped protective layer, which is attached to the car paint surface. The protective agent is rich in UV protection agent, which can greatly reduce the sun radiation, and can resist the erosion of chemical components such as acid and alkali.

The fifth step is dustless polishing. Polishing the body with dust-free paper can make the car paint shine like a mirror and have a certain resistance.

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