Monday, June 29, 2020

Survey found that women who have had children are more likely to become pregnant again

A survey found that women who had children had a higher chance of getting pregnant again. The reason may be unexpected, but in most cases it is also a normal reason.

Just had a baby, indicating that there is no infertility in the body

This aspect is also very realistic. Nowadays, many women will find that when they are preparing for a long time, they will not be able to bear the child. The reason is that in addition to high stress and bad mentality, it may be that there are some factors in the body or the husband that are not easy to become pregnant.

The woman who has had a baby is different. At least the facts have proved that she and her husband do not have the problem of infertility. Since there is no problem in that area, the high probability of successful conception again is easy to explain.

After giving birth, the invisible centrality will be better

The survey also found that for women who have already had children, their mentality will be better. And the mentality is good, and the chance of a good pregnancy in the same room will be higher. This is also a normal reason. Many women who find themselves "winning" just after giving birth can be said to a large extent because they have a good mindset, no pressure, and a good pregnancy will come again so easily.

Careless, thinking that I won't win

Related investigations also found that many women who have just given birth have such an understanding, thinking that they choose to breastfeed their baby, as long as their menstruation does not return to normal after a few months, they will definitely not be pregnant. But I don't know, it is because of my own intention that the second good pregnancy came early, and this reason is also very normal.

The college roommate mentioned above, and my colleague who had two children in two years, can be said to have caused a lot of trouble. It is precisely because the child has just finished giving birth that he has relaxed his vigilance mentally and the contraceptive measures have not been taken in place, which caused the second child to be in the belly when the boss was still very young.

If you are not ready to give birth to a second child, the second child already exists, which has a great impact on a family. In particular, the boss of the family is still awake, but the second child has been in the stomach for a few months. At this time, the true abortion is not the same, and it is difficult to choose to be born.

It is suggested here that if you have just given birth to a child, if you are not ready to have a second child, you must be vigilant at this time, because if you do not pay attention, you may come again if you are pregnant. After all, just after having a baby, the chance of getting pregnant is higher.

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