Friday, June 26, 2020

Stomach disease is not good, usually drink three kinds of stomach tea

Stomach problems have caused many people to struggle. It can't be changed again and again. All kinds of attention at ordinary times can't change the tragedy of the attack! Chinese medicine pointed out that spring is the best time to nourish the stomach; only by raising the stomach at this time can we lay a good foundation for the year-round stomach health! Stomach disease is not good, drink three kinds of tea often!

One of the stomach-nourishing teas: drink Pu'er tea often, nourish the stomach and protect the stomach

Drinking Pu'er cooked tea at an appropriate concentration will not only stimulate the stomach. After the smooth, sticky and mellow tea enters the human intestines and stomach, it will form a film, which is attached to the surface layer of the stomach and has a protective effect on the stomach! Therefore, drinking Pu'er tea for a long time can play a role in nourishing and protecting the stomach. Pu'er tea also has the function of promoting gastrointestinal motility, so long-term drinking can help laxative and prevent constipation.

Nourishing Tea No.2: Drink black tea often and have a good stomach and good health

Drinking black tea can also nourish the stomach, you don’t know. It is recommended that you drink better in winter. When you drink, add an appropriate amount of red dates and longan to drink together, the effect of nourishing the stomach will be better. People who usually eat bitter gourd and watermelon will feel uncomfortable abdominal distension or those with weak constitution. The editor recommends that you drink neutral tea or warm tea. The elderly are suitable for drinking Puer tea.

Nourishment tea 3: honey tangerine peel tea, appetizer and qi

Orange peel: Regulating qi and appetizing, removing dampness and phlegm can promote the secretion of digestive juices, and also have a certain preventive effect on arteriosclerosis caused by high-fat diet. Health care effect: Soothing liver, nourishing stomach, strengthening spleen, suitable for office health drinking in spring. Special effect: For those with chronic gastric ulcers, the amount of honey doubled, which can promote the healing of ulcers.

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