Thursday, June 25, 2020

Sprouted potatoes are not edible

Potatoes, also known as potatoes, are a solanaceous food. During the growth process, solanine (also known as solanine or solanine) is produced to naturally resist diseases and insect pests. But solanine is a natural toxin. Excessive consumption may cause acute poisoning. Common symptoms include headache, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. It is generally recommended that the solanine content of potatoes should be less than 200 mg per kg, which is harmless to humans at this dose. Since the content of solanine in mature potatoes is about 50-100 mg per kg, it will not cause harm to the human body and will not cause poisoning; but when the potatoes germinate, this toxin may increase 5-6 times, even if excavated Toxins still exist in the germinated part, and because solanine is stable to heat, it will not be damaged during cooking, and excessive toxins will still be eaten after cooking, resulting in poisoning. So, don't eat sprouted potatoes. Let’s share some tips on potato skins, which might help you solve your daily problems

1. Eliminate the scale of the kettle: If the kettle is used for a long time, white scale will accumulate on the bottom and the wall of the pot, which will affect the quality of the boiling water. Put your peeled potato skin in the kettle and cook for 1 hour, the scale in the kettle will be cleared.

2. Removal of oil in the sink: Stainless steel sinks are easy to appear foggy due to oil stains. After washing the dishes, use the inside of the potato skin to wipe the sink to restore the smooth and new effect.

3. Cleaning the hand-washing table: As it is used every day, stains that are easily formed on the mirror and the wash table. As long as the water on the potato skin eliminated by steel is wiped on the mirror surface and the table surface, the water stains and stains on the surface of ceramics and glass can be easily removed. Compared with those valuable special cleaners, using potato skins, it is easier and easier to achieve your goals.

4. Shake out the dirt on the bottom of the thermos cup: The vacuum cup has always been a headache to clean. Even with a special brush, it is sometimes difficult to clean the stubborn tea stains on the bottom of the cup. If you put 4-5 pieces of potato with skin Enter the thermos cup, close the cap tightly, shake up and down, and open it after a few tens of seconds, you can find that the tea dirt at the bottom of the thermos cup has been shaken out.

5. Gentle cleaning of silverware: Silverware is beautiful, but it is not easy to clean. Just leave a few pieces of potatoes in soda water and cook for a while, and then use water and potato chips to scrub the silverware, you can restore the gloss of the silverware, and It will not hurt the silverware.

6. Fresh-keeping bread is delicious and soft: even with a fresh-keeping box, fresh-keeping bread is difficult. It is easy to dry and hard to open the cover, and it is easy to mold on the cover. At this time, cut 2 slices of potatoes into the bottom of the bread box, so that the lid will not dry out and become moldy.

7. Make up your wash table: Every morning the dressing in the wash room is refreshing. However, the stains formed by the splashed toothpaste foam and bath liquid falling on the vanity mirror, wash table and basin surface look far away. Not so happy. Now, while the potato skin has just been peeled off and there is fresh water, wipe it on the mirror surface and the table surface, and the water stains on the ceramic and glass surfaces, and the stains of the lotion, etc., are fleeting. Compared with those expensive special cleaners, the use of waste potato skin, it is easier and easier to achieve your dream goals.

8. Emergency treatment of burns in the kitchen: cooking in the kitchen, even if you are more careful, you will often get burned. At this time, the cleaned potato and the outer skin are cut off and applied to the red and swollen scalds, and then wrapped with plastic wrap to prevent the evaporation of water. The materials can be taken on the spot to complete the emergency treatment. Potatoes have anti-inflammatory, detoxification, and analgesic effects. The treatment of scalds is better than the emergency treatment of ingredients in traditional kitchen scalds such as soy sauce and honey.

9. After exposure to sunlight, the skin will become red, swollen and painful. At this time, you can apply the peeled potato skin to the skin to reduce swelling and relieve pain.

10. Sometimes when you go to the hospital to finish the hanging needle, if the needle eye is not pressed for enough time, there will be swelling and pain. You can stick the potato skin to the needle eye to help reduce the swelling and pain.

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