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Spring car maintenance guide to take care of your car easily

For car maintenance, each season has its own protection method. How should I maintain my car in spring? How much do you know about car maintenance knowledge in spring? Today, the editor of Changwang consulted some experts in the car maintenance and repair industry with these questions and sorted out the relevant knowledge so that all car owners can focus on Caring for your car will do more with less.

Cleaning the cooling system

The first thing to talk about is the circulation system, which includes the oil and water lines. After the test of a winter wind and sand, a lot of dust must be attached to the radiator of the car water tank and the condenser of the car air conditioner. These small dusts cause unfavorable heat dissipation in the water tank, the engine water temperature is too high, and the air conditioner is not cool in summer. If it is serious, it will cause early damage to automobile parts, so it is necessary to clean the vehicle's heat dissipation system after the spring. When cleaning, be careful not to clean only the dust on the surface of the water tank, and do not wash it up with water, because high-pressure water is likely to send the dust and mud into a place that is more difficult to clean. The correct method should be: first loosen the screws that fix the water tank, carefully blow out the inside and outside of the water tank with high-pressure air, and finally rinse it with water.

Keep the oil circuit open

As for the maintenance of the oil circuit in spring, you should go to a professional repair station to check whether the throttle valve and fuel injection nozzle are clean, because the upcoming summer is the peak period for air conditioning, and now that the oil price is rising all the way, the above parts Unfavorable will undoubtedly increase the fuel consumption of the car.

Personal inspection of air conditioner

In addition, the temperature in spring is not stable, and it is also common to increase the temperature by 10°C. In this case, the inspection of air conditioning and refrigeration is even more important. Generally, after nearly half a year of deactivation of the air conditioner, the refrigerant is likely to leak. Therefore, after cleaning the condenser and the water tank in the repair shop, the worker should be reminded to check the refrigerant balance. Also, in the spring, some car owners are allergic to pollen, and they should also clean and replace the pollen filter at the air inlet of the air conditioner.

Change to summer oil

The next thing I want to talk about is motor oil. Although most of the cars have used the universal oil for the four seasons, in some cold areas in the north, the motor oil for vehicles is still divided into winter and summer, so I remind you here that spring is warm It's time to change to summer oil.

Replenish coolant in time

The next thing to check is the coolant storage tank of the automobile cooling system. Generally speaking, the evaporative consumption of vehicle coolant in the cold season is very low, but after the spring, the increase in temperature will increase the consumption of coolant, so Always check the liquid level and pay attention to replenish the coolant in time.

Replace wiper

Secondly, the rainy season will soon come with the arrival of spring, so the inspection of the car wiper can not be ignored. When the front window is to be cleaned with a wiper in the non-rainy season, it should be wiped together with glass cleaning liquid to avoid premature damage to the wiper strip. If it still cannot be completely wiped off when used with glass liquid or the wiper rod cannot compact the rubber strip, and the rubber blade is aging, hardened, cracked, etc., then a new pair of wiper blades needs to be replaced. The work of replacing the blades is not complicated. You can buy a new one at Auto Parts City for dozens of yuan.

Thorough disinfection in the car

The last thing to pay attention to is the environmental problems in the car. Due to the short time for the owner to open the window in winter, the residues and sweat stains can easily cause the growth of mites and various bacteria at the comfortable temperature in spring. Many odors caused by dust, oil and mold caused by invisible to the naked eye, so if conditions permit, a thorough disinfection of the car is also necessary.

In short, car maintenance in spring varies from person to person, from place to place, different vehicles have different requirements, and more care about the health of the car can better serve people.

Spring car maintenance knowledge

Spring is blooming, it is a good time for people to travel by car. After enjoying the fun of driving in the mountains and mountains, do you want to treat the "love horse" who is hardworking and hardworking for you? The plan of the year is spring and spring The weather is pleasant, and it is also good weather for the car. It is relatively easy to maintain, but it can also be careless. Spring rain, tidbits, and dust are more. Pay attention to cleanliness, antisepsis, and mildew. The same brings you happy feelings.

1. Main parts for spring maintenance

Car paint surface: There is a lot of rain in spring, and the acidic substances in the rain water will damage the car paint surface, and you should develop the habit of washing and waxing after the rain.

Interior: The cleaning of the interior is an important task for seasonal maintenance. The clean and comfortable interior gives you a fresh feeling.

Chassis: After returning from a long drive during a long holiday, carefully check whether the chassis is scratched. If it should be repaired in time, seal and prevent rust work.

Cooling system: clean the water jacket of the engine, remove the scale in the cooling system, detect and debug the effectiveness of the thermostat.

Motor oil: If the viscosity of the motor oil you are using is too high, it should be changed to a lubricating oil for summer.

Battery: Check whether the performance of the battery is good, if necessary, go to the repair station to test.

Tires: Car tires are one of the most burdensome parts during driving. Therefore, after returning from the trip, you must do a systematic overhaul of the car tires, preferably a four-wheel positioning.

Second, clean

Outdoors have a lot of dust and catkins in spring, so cleaning is an important part of daily maintenance.

Body cleaning

(1) Rinse all parts of the car with water to make the dirt wet in advance.

⑵ Wash the dirt, bird droppings and other stolen materials with strong adhesion with a brush and rinse them with water.

(3) Rinse each part of the truck with high-pressure water in order from top to bottom. The water pressure should be higher when flushing the chassis.

⑷Special car washing liquid should be used when washing the car. Long-term use of washing powder or soap will cause the paint surface to lose its luster, and it will corrode the paint surface seriously.

⑸ After washing the car with the cleaning solution, rinse the car from beginning to end with clean water to wash away the stains.

⑹ Try not to wash the car when it is exposed to strong light or hot car, as this will easily cause the paint layer to fall off.

Cleaning of car interior

(1) Dip soapy water or cleaning agent with a towel or sponge to scrub every corner of the dashboard.

⑵Before cleaning the surface of the chemical fiber, suck the dust with a dust cleaner, and then soak it with a special textile cleaner for a few minutes. After the dust dissolves, wipe it with a towel. If there is no special detergent, you can use soapy water or dishwashing liquid.

(3) The leather products can be scrubbed with a towel dipped in clean water. Pay attention to the use of leather protective products. Inferior protective products can not only play a protective role, but also damage the leather.

⑷The chrome-plated surface should also be scrubbed frequently to maintain its brightness. When it is found that the chrome-plated surface has been scratched, it should be sealed in time to prevent the corrosion from continuing to expand.


The increase in spring temperature and the humid air are the golden seasons for the growth of various germs, so pay special attention to the anti-bacterial work in the car interior.

Keep the interior of the seat dry and hygienic, especially for car seats, foot pads, carpets, air outlets and other dead corners.

Regularly clean up the sundries in the trunk to prevent odors caused by mildewing for a long time.

3. Check

Regularly check your car to find potential faults in time to prevent them from happening at the same time, but also make you better understand the habits of the car and adjust it to the best state.

(1) Check the engine oil and brake fluid, and add it in time if it is lacking.

⑵Check whether there is oil leakage or water leakage in the chassis.

(3) Check the tire pressure, the wear condition of the tread, and whether the nut is loose. If you feel a deviation or wobble while driving, go to the service station to do a four-wheel positioning or dynamic balance check.

⑷Check whether the fan belt is damaged or broken, and adjust the tightness of the belt.

⑸ Check the connection status of the entire vehicle wiring harness, there are phenomena such as cracking, loosening, and poor contact of the wireless skin.

Fourth, pay attention not to change the coolant to clean water

When spring comes, the temperature gradually picks up, and some friends find that the coolant in the water tank is insufficient, and they supplement it with clean water at will. At this time, car antifreeze is no longer the subject, but clean water is easy to generate water and alkali, rust, and the boiling point is low, which is very easy to cause "boiling". Therefore, the coolant cannot be changed to clean water at will. At the same time, when changing the coolant, check whether the drain holes on the left and right sides are blocked, so as to prevent the rain from being drained smoothly and pouring into the car.

How to maintain a car in spring

When the news is spring, all car owners must not forget to do a seasonal maintenance for your car.

1. The self-check of air conditioner is indispensable;

In order to enable the air conditioner to start smoothly in the summer, the air conditioner should be checked early.

2. Sealing and sealing should be done early;

3. The interior disinfection is the most important;

4. Replace the air filter in a timely manner;

The air in spring contains a lot of dust and sand particles, air filter is easy to block, then the engine will appear difficult to start, unstable idling and other symptoms.

5. Check before the spring tour;

Auto repair experts remind you that you must first check the brake system before the spring tour. You first feel whether the brake system is abnormal and whether the reaction is sensitive.

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