Friday, June 26, 2020

Snowy black gold and black tea are also needed for old-age health!

A cup of black tea, a newspaper is a comfortable old age for many elderly people.

The relationship between black tea and health care is very close, especially for the elderly. As the aging process of the Chinese population continues to accelerate, everyone is very concerned about old age.

Drink black tea to improve the quality of life for the elderly

What does it mean to be old and supportive? There used to be a saying: three full a day, one pour, warm clothes and take a good bath. It is different now. Economic and social development has improved and awareness has also improved.

Today’s old-age support is not just about maintaining the survival of the elderly.

What is more important is to maintain and improve their physical and mental functions, and constantly improve their quality of life. Drinking black tea has a good effect on the health of the elderly.

The efficacy of black tea is irreplaceable

In the health of the elderly, the efficacy of black tea is obvious to all.

Older people in New York are willing to sit on the streets and drink coffee and spend their time. They are not willing to go to nursing homes. The US government supports such cafes, giving them preferential taxation support. The elderly give a cup of coffee money, and the cafe will continue to refill for the elderly. In this way, the elderly are supported, and the elderly are willing to live like this. If one day China also has such benefits, wait for an old age, soak in the tea house for a day, and taste black tea with friends from three or five years, nagging, really, happy, beautiful.

China is the hometown of tea, and many middle-aged and elderly people like to drink tea. Black tea has many functions. It is not a simple thirst quencher. What's more important is that black tea can cultivate self-cultivation.

Drinking black tea is a trend

Now more and more people pay attention to the health benefits of black tea, and many elderly people have joined the army of black tea health. Drinking black tea for a long time has a good auxiliary effect on lowering blood pressure, blood fat, and blood sugar (ps: no matter how good black tea is, it cannot replace medicines).

Black tea is warm in nature, and it is good for health to drink black tea often. It has been proved in scientific research and centuries-old population accounts. Black tea itself contains organic compounds such as black tea polyphenols, caffeine, catechins, and a variety of vitamins, which have a certain regulating effect on the body's body functions.

Black tea can only achieve the effect of keeping in good health and protect health, if you insist on drinking it, you must insist on drinking black tea.

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