Monday, June 22, 2020

Sleep and snoring

Why do people snore (snoring)?

  Snoring is caused by the vibration of soft tissue around the airway when the airflow passes through the narrow part of the upper airway at high speed during breathing. Overweight, impaired health, abnormalities in the nasal cavity or the internal structure of the mouth can all cause the sound of sawing wood during sleep.

  How do I know if I snore?

  If you sleep with your partner, TA must have told you. If you sleep alone, you can turn on the recorder before going to bed.

  What are the common causes of snoring?

Nasal congestion

  Any obstruction that affects nose breathing can cause snoring, such as a common cold, flu, or allergies. Some over-the-counter medicines and anti-snoring patches can help restore airway patency, but if the nasal congestion lasts longer, you need to go to the hospital for a check.

   supine sleeping position

   The sleeping position in the supine position is more likely to cause snoring or aggravation. The lateral position can improve snoring during sleep or you can choose a spoonful sleeping position when sleeping with your partner. Of course, you can also put 2-3 pillows in the back to avoid lying directly on the bed. If none of the above methods work, you can put a ping pong ball on the shoulder blades, so you can avoid lying directly on the bed and damaging your body.

   The internal structure of the nasal cavity

   If there is a deviation of the nasal septum, it can cause difficulty breathing and snoring. Of course, if the acquired nose is traumatized, it can also affect breathing and increase snoring. Don't worry too much about this situation, generally you can choose surgical repair.

   Oral structure

  If the upper wall of the oral cavity, that is, the soft palate, is lower or thicker, it is easy to cause obstruction of the airway, which can lead to snoring. Of course, the small structure of the soft palate-uvula, if longer than normal, can also easily block the airway. Hyperplasia of the soft palate and excessive uvula may be due to congenital dysplasia, but in the case of overweight, airway obstruction will be more serious. Some conditions can be treated with surgery.

  Drug factors

  Some drugs, such as sedatives, muscle relaxants, and antidepressants can cause muscle relaxation in the tongue and throat. These drugs may have little effect on normal people, but those with congenital abnormalities in airway development and those who already have difficulty breathing or snoring are at greater risk, so when taking these drugs, the individual should be informed in detail Doctor to avoid danger.

  sleep apnea

   This is a severe snoring that occurs during sleep. It usually causes difficulty breathing, gasping for breath, and waking up from sleep many times. Symptoms of the disease usually include dry mouth, headache, and snoring in the early morning. In addition, sleep apnea is closely related to stroke, hypertension and heart disease. Therefore, once you suspect that you have sleep apnea, please go to the doctor immediately and do some related examinations to avoid delaying the condition.

  Children snore

   It is normal for children to snore, especially when they have a cold or allergies. But sometimes, snoring may be a symptom of sinus, throat, lung, airway infection or sleep apnea. If the child in the family has snoring, parents need to talk to the child’s doctor and carry out relevant examinations and treatments if necessary.

  Snoring during pregnancy

  Snoring in women during pregnancy may be due to nasal edema during pregnancy. In addition, women in pregnancy, weight gain promotes diaphragm movement, helps gas in and out. However, snoring during pregnancy may also be related to some diseases such as high blood pressure, so it should be paid attention to.


People who are overweight are more likely to snore, especially the circumference of the neck is greater than 43.18 cm. So losing weight helps relieve symptoms. Like some medicines, alcohol can relax muscles in the throat and cause airway obstruction, so try not to drink alcohol before going to bed. In addition, regarding the snoring caused by some physiological structure problems, you can choose the appropriate treatment method after the hospital examination.

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