Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Several reasons for "ectopic pregnancy" Women should take a good look

Now many couples are pregnant with children and go to the hospital for check-ups with excitement. After the inspection, they find out that it is an ectopic pregnancy, which will make many families feel collapsed. How can this happen to the baby who is easily pregnant? How to prevent female friends who are in pregnancy?

1. genetic factors

In general, if a woman is born with abnormal ovaries or fallopian tubes, it is possible to cause ectopic pregnancy, so when a woman is going to have a baby, it is best to go to the hospital to check the body to see if her body can Children, if it is a congenital cause, don't be discouraged. You can still have children by insisting on treatment.

2. Gynecological diseases

Frequent ectopic pregnancy is also closely related to female reproductive tract infections, so women must pay attention to personal hygiene in their daily lives, and men should also pay attention to it. It is recommended that women should treat gynecological diseases before preparing for their children. Carry out pregnancy preparation so that you can reduce your own physical damage.

3. Smoking and drinking

Now many young people like to choose to drink or smoke to release their stress. If there is a long-term hobby of smoking and drinking or women who have been smoking second-hand smoke for a long time, the probability of ectopic pregnancy will increase, so if women are in the period of pregnancy, It is necessary to quit smoking and alcohol, and to avoid second-hand smoking. In addition, you can do more exercise, choose other ways to release stress, and also go to bed early and get up early every day.

4. Flow of people

Nowadays, if young people accidentally "stroke", most will choose not to have children and go to the hospital for abortion surgery, but if most women undergo abortion surgery, the chance of causing ectopic pregnancy will increase, so we need to know how to cleanse Self-love and protect yourself well, don't let your body hurt.

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