Sunday, June 28, 2020

Seven notes on the maintenance and care of the "heart" of the car

The automobile engine has a complicated structure, precise assembly, and many electrical and electronic control parts. In order to enable the engine to work under good conditions for a long time, it is necessary to pay attention to the use and maintenance.

1. To start the engine in the cold state, it is necessary to preheat the engine. At normal operating temperature, the engine's running resistance, wear, and working stability are the best. Therefore, preheating is necessary.

2. Try to keep the engine speed below the red scale of the tachometer as much as possible to avoid engine overload. As far as possible, manual vehicles should not be dragged.

3. Use fuel that meets regulations. The quality of the fuel has a great influence on the combustion of the engine. Inferior gasoline will cause a large amount of carbon deposits and plastic deposits in the combustion chamber, injectors, intake ports and valves, which will cause the engine to have unstable idle speed and difficult acceleration. .

4. Refueling quantity of fuel in the fuel tank should be kept as much as possible when the remaining 1/3 is left, so that the gasoline pump in the fuel tank can dissipate heat well and ensure that the gasoline pump has a long enough life.

5. In the process of driving the vehicle, pay attention to observe the relevant instructions on the instrument, and often observe the prompts of the water temperature meter, the oil lamp, and the charging indicator light. Treat any unhealthy phenomena immediately.

6. Maintain the engine regularly, maintain the engine on time and mileage, and select the appropriate engine oil. Keep the coolant clean, so that the engine has good heat dissipation. Regularly clean the oil and gas lines of the engine. Ensure that the engine has unobstructed oil intake and intake passages.

7. Start the engine in a quiet state to let the engine run at idle speed and speed up, and listen to whether the engine sound is normal. The sound of normal engine operation should be relatively low and regular. If there is a sharp noise, please go to the repair shop for diagnosis immediately to avoid more damage caused by the fault.

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