Thursday, June 25, 2020

Seven aspects, let you "read"

The hottest thing in the current tea world is the Xinhui Xiaoqing mandarin, which is small and exquisite, easy to brew, suitable for everyone and everyone, and is a gem of tea that people will fall in love with after drinking. But, do you know Xiaoqing mandarin? How is it different? Knowing Xiaoqing mandarin, starting from these seven points...

First: the definition of small green mandarin

According to the "Xinhui Orange Peel Geographical Indication Products" regulations, orange peel can be divided into orange peel (green peel), reddish peel (yellow peel) and red skin (red peel) according to the harvest period.

The small green mandarin refers to the peel that is not colored and the processed fruit is harvested when the physiology is immature. The orange fruit in this period is called the small green mandarin.

Second: The processing technology of small green mandarin

1. Clean the picked citrus fruits and perform hygienic treatment.

2. Cut the citrus fruit into small openings, empty the citrus meat from the opening, retain the empty shell of the peel, wash and dry.

3. Fill in the cooked pudding, seal the opening with the peel of the opening, and restore it to a complete "tea fruit".

4. Finally, it is formed by drying procedure and dry storage. The whole process does not contain pigments or additives.

Third: The taste and taste of small green mandarin

The small green mandarin tea is pure in quality, blending the mellow fruity aroma and the mellow sweetness of Pu'er tea, forming a unique taste and flavor. After brewing, the soup color is orange-red and translucent, the tea soup is mellow, the soup is delicate, the aftertaste is refreshing and sweet, and has a strong old fragrance.

Fourth: the efficacy and role of small oranges

Chinese medicine believes that the green skin and tangerine are slightly warm, bitter and bitter, and enter the liver and gallbladder channels. It has the functions of treating liver qi, pharyngitis, dissipating and stagnating, and protecting cardiovascular. Benefits: It has various effects such as strengthening the spleen and stomach, reducing phlegm and cough, reducing fat and losing weight, beauty and beauty, and anti-aging.

Small green mandarin has the most volatile oil, slightly astringent and sour, the fruit taste is stronger in tea, sweet and sweet, the oil ketones in the green peel can not be absorbed by the body, but it can play the role of expanding the upper respiratory tract, drinking can improve chronic Pharyngitis, anti-fog and haze, has a smooth breathing effect on rhinitis, cold and nasal congestion.

Fifth: How to distinguish the quality of small oranges

1. Look at the appearance: the packaging is complete without mold spots. The color of orange peel is uniform and not too dark. The brewed tea soup is clear and transparent without sinking.

2. Smell the aroma: after brewing, the tea smells with a slight fruity fragrance, the fragrance is quiet, and there is no astringency or musty smell.

3. Taste: The tea soup is mellow and smooth at the entrance, with a sweet aftertaste and no sharp irritation.

4. Look at the bottom of the leaf: lightly pinch the bottom of the leaf, the color is fresh, flexible and elastic, and there is no other inclusions in the bottom of the leaf.

Sixth: the brewing method of small green mandarin

1, broken skin bubble drink method

Pour out the proper amount of Pu'er tea in the Pu'er tea, then break the orange peel shell into small pieces, mix it with Pu'er tea, and then add boiling water to brew.

2. Lift the lid to make a drink

Open the cover of the green mandarin tea filling, then put the whole green mandarin orange and the cover directly into the cup or pot, add boiling water to brew, and wait for the material in the orange peel and Pu'er to slowly dissolve, the soup color appears It can be deep golden yellow.

3. Nine-hole brewing method

Prepare a Pu'er tea knife. Use the tea knife to drill nine holes around the green mandarin and the bottom of the mandarin. The hole size is suitable for leak-free tea. Then put it in the pot, boil the water, the tea is slowly leached, and the fragrance of the orange peel slowly merges. The taste is sweet and moderate, and it is foam-resistant. The orange peel with holes wraps Pu'er tea, which not only leaks out the broken tea, but also prevents the tea from dissolving too fast.

Seventh: The storage method of small oranges

Store in a clean environment with ventilation and dryness. For long-term collection, put the intact small green mandarin tea in a sealed ceramic jar, glass jar or iron can. If you find that the orange peel is soft, just place it in the sun and expose it once or twice!

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