Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Senile deafness

Senile deafness refers to the gradual decline in high-frequency hearing with the continuous increase of age, so that the deafness of full-frequency decline can seriously cause obstacles to communication. Statistics on China’s elderly hearing impairment account for about the elderly population. About 50%, their performance is as follows:

1. When people talk, they often interrupt. For example, people say "airplane", they say "dressing", others say "bugs", they say "cage", and many jokes often appear, which makes the elderly feel very embarrassed.

2. When you watch TV or listen to the radio at home, you often turn it up so that you can hear it clearly, but at this time, other people can't stand the excessive sound.

3. Due to deafness, they often show reluctance to interact with people. When others talk and laugh, they often leave alone to avoid or open their eyes in a daze.

4. Due to the obstacles in communication with people, their personality becomes more and more lonely, and the temperament becomes more and more erratic as time goes on.

The causes of deafness are:

1. Hereditary factors such elderly people have a certain family genetic history.

2. Excessive smoking and drinking.

3. There are systemic diseases, such as hypertension arteriosclerosis, diabetes, etc. Some people have done investigations on 70% of elderly deaf people have arteriosclerosis.

4. It has a certain relationship with bad eating habits.

5. Long-term exposure to noise, on the one hand is the working noise environment, on the other hand, individuals often like to walkman, but the volume is too loud to cause deafness.

6. Deafness is also prone to occur due to the use of certain ototoxic drugs and the infection of certain viral diseases, or radiotherapy and chemotherapy for a certain disease.

Prevention and treatment:

With the growth of the aging population, the prevention of senile deafness is a matter of urgency. If you want to enter aging and still keep your ears clear, you must first have a healthy body and mind, create a good living environment, and face it with a happy mood every day. Everything, in addition, we must pay attention to diet, daily life, reduce fat food, quit smoking and alcohol, exercise properly, avoid ototoxic drugs as much as possible, interact with others, use more brains, more hands, this can delay the arrival of aging.

The therapeutic effect of deafness is still not satisfactory. Some neurotrophic drugs and vitamins, trace elements, vasodilators, etc. are often available. Once you can’t recover, you should immediately choose a suitable hearing aid, but you must not buy it at will. It must be like glasses. It can only be worn after strict fitting.

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