Monday, June 22, 2020

Second-hand smoke is harmful to children beyond your imagination!

Many people think that second-hand smoke is not harmful, in fact? The composition of second-hand smoke is almost the same as that of first-hand smoke, and for smokers, the harmful substances in the smoke you directly inhale are not even 10%, and the rest are discharged into the air, plus second-hand smoke The time smoke exists in the air is far longer than the time it takes to smoke itself! Therefore, second-hand smoking is more harmful to the body than smokers. For children, because of their weak resistance, many organs are developing, and the harm of second-hand smoke to them is multiplied!

1. The harm of second-hand smoke to children

(1) Induced anorexia: Because it is difficult for babies to expel harmful substances inhaled in time, when the baby associates eating with smoking, anorexia may occur!

(2) Affecting intellectual development: If you don’t want your child to be stunted in reading, mathematics, reasoning, etc., it’s best to keep him away from second-hand smoke immediately, because even a little “second-hand smoke” will learn about children Ability to cause damage!

(3) It is easy to become a "night crying lang", and children will cry when they arrive at night.

2. What diseases can second-hand smoke cause children

(1) Respiratory diseases: such as bronchitis, bronchiolitis, childhood asthma, etc. Although smoking is not a direct cause of asthma in children, it can increase the number of asthma attacks and increase the severity of asthma!

(2) Inflammation of the ear: The harmful substances in the smoke directly stimulate the middle ear mucosa, which can increase the secretion of the middle ear and thicken the secretion, and also make the eustachian tube unobstructed, resulting in fluid accumulation in the middle ear, causing otitis media!

(3) Tooth decay, allergic rhinitis: Due to the stimulation and accumulation of harmful substances, the reason why children suffer from these diseases is obvious!

(4) Sudden infant death syndrome: There is sufficient evidence to show that there is a causal relationship between secondhand smoke and sudden infant death syndrome!

(5) Pneumonia, cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, etc. are all closely related to passive smoking!

Do not smoke in front of children, this is the best protection for them. Children are an susceptible group, they cannot take the initiative to escape the harm caused by adults. Don't let the children's health be destroyed by second-hand smoke, it is our best care for them.

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