Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Say goodbye to "big aunt" at this age, steal the music, too early or too late is bad for everyone

Menstruation has become a big aunt, regular leave, etc. Although the "big aunt" is very troublesome every month, it is very worrying if there is no patronage in which month. Except during pregnancy and lactation, there will be no big aunts, which are usually periodic. And every time when menstruation brings, it is time to clean the body! The toxins and garbage in the body can be discharged with menstrual blood, and the girls who lose weight can avoid dieting during menstruation. That is because they are not fat!

Speaking of menstruation, you will definitely think of women. Yes, women and menstruation are closely linked, as a woman will have menstruation. Women need to have menstruation to stay young; women must also have menstruation if they want to have children; men need menstruation to maintain normal endocrine. In short, menstruation is very important for every woman. Menstruation occurs during the puberty of girls and ends in the menopause of women.

So at what age do women say goodbye to "great aunt"? If you are menopausal at this age, steal it!

With the increase of age, women will reach the age of amenorrhea. Of course, amenorrhea also means that women will slowly age. If you have menopause at this age, it means that the body maintenance is still very good!

At what age are women best at menopause? If you are menopausal at this age, steal it

According to the age of menopause of most women, menopause is the best age for 45-55 years old. Menopause occurs during this period. First of all, congratulations, your uterus and ovaries are normal.

What harm does female menopause be too late?

Some beauty agencies advertise that the later menopause is, the slower the aging rate, and people will not age too fast. The use of specific products can delay menopause. This is all one-sided. Women are only the most healthy when they are menopausal at normal age.

In addition to the drug delay can delay menopause, there is also one's own problems such as uterine disease, breast disease, etc. can cause menopause regression.

If after the latest menopause, menstruation is still there, you must go to the hospital to check whether the uterus is healthy and find out what causes the prolonged menopause.

What are the dangers of female menopause too early?

Some girls think that it is too late to be desperate until 45 years old, because every time you come to your aunt, you will have dysmenorrhea, and you want to end it quickly, and end the pain sooner. This idea is wrong! The premature menopause of a woman means that you have a health problem.

If you have menopause before the age of 45, it is likely that your uterus is prematurely aging, which is what we often say about premature ovarian failure.

How to maintain after no menstruation?

Even if menopause, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the uterus to avoid uterine atrophy!

Good mood

Many women will be cranky after menopause, and even have severe menopause, so this time you must have a good attitude, a good mood, and the disease will stay away from the third. Menopausal women should control their emotions and maintain a happy mood. They can learn about this information in advance and make adequate preparations. In this way, after the menopause, you won't be uncomfortable, and your mood will be unstable!

1. Appropriate diet

During this period of menopause, you must keep your diet light. It is best not to eat something spicy and heavy-tasting, so as not to stimulate the uterus and accelerate uterine aging.

2. Reasonable exercise

Exercise can promote the secretion of certain hormones in the body, promote body metabolism, and indirectly maintain the uterus and ovaries. At this time, it is not appropriate to choose too intense exercise, but should choose slower exercises, such as Tai Chi, jogging, etc., exercise can also improve the body's immunity.

3. Healthy sleep

Sleep can help the body relieve fatigue, and it is also one of the guarantees for the healthy movement of various organs of the body, so you must maintain a healthy sleep after menopause, maintain adequate sleep, do not stay up late!

Black beans are also a food for ovarian maintenance and contain very high levels of estrogen. Keeping taking black beans will have a great effect! Do you know the best menopause age for women after reading the above? Too early and too late menopause are unhealthy!

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