Sunday, June 28, 2020

Remember to blindly wax the car. Owners avoid two major maintenance mistakes

The temperature is gradually picking up and spring is getting closer. Many car owners want to make their cars more radiant, so they think of the need to wax their cars. However, the editor reminded that the majority of car owners should not blindly decide to wax the car, and pay attention to avoid two major misunderstandings: the more expensive and the more frequent is the best.

Myth 1: The more expensive the better

New cars are best coated with light wax to protect the luster and color of the car body. In summer, UV-resistant car wax should be used. When the driving environment is poor, tree wax should be used for protection. Ordinary vehicles should use ordinary pearl-colored or metallic paint series car wax, and high-end vehicles should use high-grade car wax, otherwise it will damage the car body. If it is a new car, generally no waxing is required within 5 months of repurchase. The most important thing is to choose car wax according to different models, colors and specific conditions, not the more expensive the better.

Myth 2: The more frequent the better

Many car owners believe that waxing the car often will strengthen the car against acid rain and heavy snow. In fact, too frequent waxing will make the body black. The rain water in the south contains a lot of acidic substances, and there is more rain, so the waxing frequency can be relatively more, while the north does not need to wax frequently. For cars that are often parked in the garage, wax them once every 4 months, and often park in the open-air parking lot, and wax once every two months. It is best to choose moderate detergency and no abrasives when waxing. Composition of car wax.

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