Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Relieve anxiety? Go to bed early and get up early

There are many patients with anxiety disorder, and some people have not reached the clinical diagnosis of anxiety disorder, but the level of anxiety is relatively high. In fact, whether it is an anxiety patient or a group with a relatively high degree of conscious anxiety, it should be self-management. This time it will help ease the degree of conscious anxiety and also help the recovery of the condition.

1. Sleep regularly

Many people with anxiety disorders like to go to bed late and get up late, but are forced to get up early because of going to work or school. In this way, lack of sleep will weaken the cerebral cortex, unable to control the thalamus to filter unnecessary information, and useless information flows into the cerebral cortex. Cause excessive alertness and increase anxiety. So don’t say that you have a good spirit at night, a clear head, and high efficiency in study or work. Think about whether you can use the efficiency of tonight for tomorrow’s anxiety.

2. Please exercise

People who are "so annoying" tend to be brainy, not hands-on, so sit still and exercise less. So for these people, maintaining exercise habits is very important. You can also do more manual work to allow the brain to rest. Of course, some people may ask, how can I be anxious while moving? There is indeed such a situation, for example, someone walking while taking the time to think about those annoying things, the result is more anxious. But if you increase the amount of exercise, such as running, lifting dumbbells, fatigue will quickly crowd out your anxiety. And fatigue also helps you sleep tonight. However, please note that you should fall asleep 2-3 hours after vigorous physical exercise, otherwise you will not fall asleep.

3. Less dietary stimulation

Smoking relaxes the spirit and relieves anxiety, so many people with high anxiety have the habit of smoking; some people will choose alcohol because alcohol has a calming effect. However, please note that tobacco has a dependence effect, and anxiety will also increase when alcohol is withdrawn, which will cause worse problems, such as tobacco live alcohol dependence.

In addition, when alcohol is tolerated, taking some anti-anxiety drugs has no obvious effect, which will cause patients to overuse the drugs in private, resulting in secondary drug abuse. This is very dangerous.

In addition, green tea contains theophylline, coffee and cola contain caffeine, both increase awakening, increase anxiety, and cause insomnia. Therefore, patients with anxiety disorders should not use cigarettes, alcohol, tea, coffee, or cola.

For patients who are indeed diagnosed with anxiety, this medication must also be used, and it must not be stopped without authorization. Do not blindly worry about the problem of "drug addiction". In the case of anxiety disorder that has not been completely treated, hard withdrawal of drugs for the purpose of "not addiction" will only cause the situation to become more serious, and even require the use of larger doses of drugs to control, Outweigh the gains.

The "so annoying" people must also learn one thing, that is, "the things that cannot be changed are not in a hurry."

For the outcome that you can change, you should try your best to improve the outcome. For example, there are 3 months in the college entrance examination, and anxiety at this time may make you study harder, which is conducive to improving the scores of the college entrance examination.

But if you can't change the solution, you should learn to bear it. Learn to accept some imperfections and some small failures, because this is something that everyone cannot avoid.

Although everyone understands this, it is not easy to do it, but truly aware of this will help you to actively adjust your cognition and change your emotions in a better direction.

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