Saturday, June 27, 2020

Rain and snow weather strikes micro car air conditioning engine tire maintenance tips

The phenomenon of urban traffic congestion is becoming more and more serious, and the frequent rain and snow weather has increased the pressure on the roads. Because of their compactness and fuel-saving advantages, mini vehicles have become the best transportation tool for many consumers. However, many young car owners know very little about vehicle maintenance. Today, taking the miniature car Haima Aishang as an example, they will add some practical vehicle maintenance knowledge to the majority of car owners.

Air conditioner: turn on at least once a month and clean regularly

In fact, even in the season when the air conditioner is not used, it is best to keep the usage of turning on once a month, which is beneficial to prolong its service life. In addition, the air conditioner has been used for a long time, and there is more dust accumulation on the air conditioner filter, which will blow molds that are harmful to the human body into the car through the air conditioner, and will also hinder the air intake, greatly reducing the heating efficiency of the hot air, so it is recommended that the owner Regularly go to the 4S shop to clean the air-conditioning pipes and air filters.

The owners of Haima Aishang generally report that the air conditioner has good effect and fast speed, and it has little effect on power after the air conditioner is turned on. However, many car owners, including those of Haima Aishang, leave the air conditioner idle for too long, which is not correct.

Engine: Choose regular antifreeze, clean the water tank regularly, and remember to warm up the car

The temperature in winter drops sharply. If the vehicle does not replace the antifreeze in time, the temperature will be lower than the freezing point of the antifreeze and the water will freeze and expand, causing the water tank to freeze and crack, making the engine inoperable. Therefore, when the owner replaces the antifreeze, he should choose a regular antifreeze product whose freezing point is 5-10℃ lower than the lowest temperature in the region to protect the normal operation of the engine. Secondly, the rust and scaling of the engine water tank will limit the flow of coolant in the cooling system, reduce the heat dissipation effect, cause the engine to overheat, and even cause engine damage. Therefore, regular cleaning of the water tank is also essential for engine maintenance. Many novices do not know that it is necessary to warm the car in winter, that is, to warm the engine. The idling speed of a cold car will be very high after it is driven, and it needs to wait until it drops to 800 rpm before it can be blocked. Otherwise, it will not only damage the vehicle components, but also consume a lot of fuel while driving. Like the hippocampus love is still warm car 1-2 minutes. Owners of Haima Aishang relatively approve the power performance and fuel economy performance of this engine, but sometimes ignore the details of the replacement of antifreeze, the cleaning of the water tank and the warm-up of the engine, which more or less affect the normal operation of the engine.

Tires: anti-skid and explosion-proof

Haima Aishang is equipped with two types of tires: 155/65R13 and 175/60 ​​R13. At the same time, Haima Aishang has ABS (anti-lock brake system) + EBD (anti-skid shift brake system), which can ensure the safe driving of vehicles on wet and icy roads.

Even so, car owners cannot ignore the importance of tires. Especially in the cold winter, the tire rubber becomes hard and relatively brittle, not only the friction coefficient is greatly reduced, but also it is easier to leak air and puncture the tire. The investigation revealed that tire failure is considered to be the number one killer on the highway, and its danger can be imagined. Therefore, the owner must always check the condition of the tires. If any damage or irregular wear of the tread is found, it must be immediately checked by a professional at the 4S shop.

The so-called preparedness, correct maintenance and good driving habits can not only reduce the wear of the car in bad weather, but also ensure driving safety. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out a comprehensive winter maintenance for the car as soon as possible under the conditions permitting, and to spend the winter with peace of mind.

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