Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Pregnant women should pay attention to these points when buying shoes in summer. If they are not selected properly, they may hurt the fetus.

It is well known that pregnant women not only change their body shape during pregnancy, but their body functions also change greatly with pregnancy, such as early pregnancy or severe morning sickness reaction, the body becomes fat, and the feet begin to swell.

Some pregnant women not only swell their feet when they are pregnant, but also extend to their legs. They are extremely uncomfortable to walk on, and it is even more difficult to control their balance. Sometimes they are unwilling to move more and need family or their own massage to make their feet, Puffiness in the legs relieved.

Puffiness leads to poor walking, so what kind of shoes can make pregnant women wear comfortably and relieve the effect of walking inconvenience caused by puffiness? So what's so special about buying shoes in this respect? Below we have compiled a few precautions and suggestions for pregnant women's reference.

What are the precautions for wearing shoes?

1. Try to use flat shoes.

Choosing flat-bottomed shoes can reduce the burden on pregnant mothers, and shoes without heels will make pregnant mothers more convenient to walk, and it will not be difficult to grasp the balance.

2. Use non-slip soles.

The non-slip sole prevents accidental falls and staggers, and it is more convenient to walk.

3. Choose freshman size and light shoes.

Pregnant women should not wear heavy leather shoes and other shoes after pregnancy, which will increase the burden. If you choose a size one and lighter shoes, you can reduce the pressure on your feet and facilitate walking.

So what kind of shoes are there?

1. Lazy shoes without laces.

Lazy shoes, as the name suggests, are very suitable for lazy people to wear shoes, there is another name "one pedal", not only simple and casual, but also very convenient and practical, without the trouble of tying shoelaces, the appearance is also beautiful.

2. Lightweight and breathable sneakers.

Lightweight and breathable properties are very suitable for pregnant women, and most of the soles have anti-skid functions, which can prevent falls, and the material is relatively soft, so pregnant women will not feel uncomfortable after wearing the foot.

3. Flat round toe shoes.

There may be some puffiness in pregnant women. The pointed shoes will squeeze to the toes, which increases the pressure on the feet, which is not suitable for pregnant women. Flat-bottomed round shoes can have extra space to accommodate the toes, which will be more comfortable to wear, but Pregnant mothers should remember that the material should be selected to be easier to absorb sweat and breath.

In addition to these pregnant women can also choose other styles according to their own situation, but try not to wear slippers, because most slippers do not have anti-skid function, it is very likely that something unexpected will happen.

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