Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Pregnant women have similar changes, may have fetal gas

After a woman is pregnant, the old man will always hang such a sentence on his mouth: "Don't be angry, be careful to move the fetal qi." In fact, there are many reasons for the fetal motility, often lose your temper, or still overwork, etc. , There will be moving fetal gas.

But many times, pregnant mothers can't find that they have moved their fetus. There are similar changes in the pregnant woman's body, which may have caused fetal gas.

stomach ache

When my sister was pregnant, she quarreled with her brother-in-law over money and made my sister angry. As a result, after this quarrel, the stomach started to ache there. Later, it was really unbearable because of the pain, so I hurried to the hospital. After the examination, I realized that the fetal qi was moving. Fortunately, my sister's emotions quickly calmed down. , A false alarm.

If the pregnant mothers are in the same situation as my sister, if you have stomach pain during pregnancy, you should quickly go to the hospital to see the doctor to see how the fetus is.

If this is the case, the pregnant mother should quickly relieve her mood and rest in bed for a while to avoid harming the fetus.


After a woman becomes pregnant, her belly will get bigger and bigger, so the action is not very convenient. Sometimes she trips accidentally, or when she needs to bend down, there is bleeding.

Bleeding in pregnant women, accompanied by abdominal pain, indicates that fetal gas has been moved. If the condition is not very serious, the child may still be able to save it, but if the condition is serious, it is easy to cause miscarriage.

Therefore, pregnant mothers try not to go to crowded places during pregnancy, or go out alone.

Abnormal fetal movement

Generally speaking, when a woman is about four months pregnant, she will have fetal movements. As the pregnancy cycle increases, fetal movement will become more and more obvious. Although fetal movement during pregnancy will change, it will be more regular. So Baoma can record the number and frequency of fetal movements.

If the fetal movement suddenly becomes abnormal, the number of times increases significantly, decreases or the frequency becomes faster, it means that the fetus is not comfortable in the mother's stomach. At this time, the pregnant mother should go to the hospital in time to be checked by the family to ensure the safety of the fetus. If there is nothing wrong, you can rest assured.

If the pregnant mother really moved her fetus, then be careful. Should pay more attention to rest, not to stay up late. In addition, we should pay special attention to dietary habits and nutritional supplements during pregnancy, if the fetus is too weak, it is easy to move fetal qi.

If there are several of the above conditions, be sure to check for fetal gas!

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