Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Pregnant mothers note that these behaviors may cause the fetus to be "very injured", whoever receives it will benefit

When pregnant, many mothers generally pay more attention, and are waiting for the baby with a happy mood. In life, there may be some behaviors that we think do not need to be taken seriously, which will also affect the health of the fetus. I hope that pregnant mothers with these behaviors should try to avoid them in their lives to avoid harm to the fetus.

Bath tub

If you are a pregnant mother who likes bathing, try not to take such a bath during pregnancy. When choosing a bathtub, the dirty things in the bathtub may cause infection and cause gynecological diseases, which not only affects the health of the pregnant mother, but also may affect the health of the fetus.

For pregnant mothers, the most suitable way to take a bath is to choose a shower, and you must take anti-skid measures when taking a bath. You cannot fall over because of carelessness, which will endanger the health of yourself and your fetus.

I like to see Erjiro legs

Some pregnant mothers will unconsciously do this behavior because of habits. But if there is, it should be corrected in time, because such common behavior may also cause harm to the fetus.

In the process of seeing Erlang's legs, the leg of the pregnant mother who was pressed will have numbness due to the pressure of the nerves. If you want to stand up, there may be instability. If you accidentally fall because of this reason Not so good.

At the same time, because the blood circulation of the legs is affected during the process of seeing Erlang's legs, it may cause varicose veins in the legs for a long time. In addition, the movement of Erjiro's legs is easy to squeeze to the abdomen, affecting the fetal treasure and even causing the fetal position to be incorrect.

Eating indiscriminately causes diarrhea

During pregnancy, it is inevitable that there will be many changes in taste, and the things that I like to eat every day will become undesirable. Some pregnant mothers may still prefer spicy food, but no matter what kind of food, you must ensure that it does not cause diarrhea after the entrance. Diarrhea may adversely affect the health of the pregnant mother and even endanger the fetus.

Because severe diarrhea may also stimulate the uterus to cause uterine contractions, which may cause miscarriage or premature delivery, and the health of the fetus will also be threatened.

During pregnancy, for the sake of the health of yourself and the fetus, a sense of taboo is still necessary.

Worried about fetal health

Mother's worry about the baby is normal, but if it is excessive worry, causing her anxiety, it will have a bad impact on the fetus.

During the pregnancy test, some problems may occur because of the development of the fetus, but as the fetus grows, these problems may disappear.

However, if the pregnant mother has maintained a bad mood, resulting in poor eating and sleep, it will hurt the fetus, and even lead to abnormal fetal movement, because the fetus is greatly affected by the mood of the pregnant mother.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must have a good mood during pregnancy, relax their mentality, and wait happily for their baby!

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