Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Pregnancy mothers are "exquisite" before going to bed, and they all achieve high sleep quality, which is also beneficial to fetal development

After pregnancy, many aspects should be paid attention to for pregnant mothers, especially sleep. Many pregnant mothers are affected by various reasons after sleep, but sleep is also very important. If the rest is not good, all aspects The disadvantages are many.

For pregnant mothers, after pregnancy, only if they have a good rest and high sleep quality will be more beneficial to the baby and themselves. After pregnancy, if the pregnant mother wants to improve the quality of her sleep, there are "exquisite" before going to bed, there are a few things that need special attention. Only if you can do it, you can fall asleep as soon as possible, and the quality of sleep will be higher.

Never eat too much for dinner

For pregnant mothers, you must pay attention to dinner, avoid eating too much and too full, and pay attention to the diet at night, not too greasy, too greasy food is not easy to digest, it will also increase the gastrointestinal burden, and the quality of sleep is not Good.

For pregnant mothers, during the third trimester of pregnancy, special attention is required for dinner. Generally speaking, many pregnant mothers will be tortured by frequent urination at this time. If you don’t want to fall asleep, you want to get up and go to the bathroom again. Drink too much soup water to avoid delaying sleep and affecting sleep quality.

It is recommended for pregnant mothers to drink a cup of hot milk if they are hungry before going to bed, which is also very helpful for sleep.

Proper exercise after dinner

After dinner, proper exercise is also necessary for pregnant mothers. It is recommended that pregnant mothers should not just lie down after dinner, it may be more comfortable to do nothing, but it is not good for the fetus and themselves. Especially the practice of sleeping directly after dinner is not good for sleep quality.

It is also recommended that the pregnant mother’s family, especially the prospective father, do the work of the pregnant mother, and it is best to accompany the pregnant mother by herself. After dinner, take a stroll around the home with the pregnant mother. Proper exercise can not only promote digestion , It is also good for the health of the pregnant mother and the development of the fetus, and is also conducive to the pregnant mother to fall asleep at night.

Keep a good mood before going to bed, do not have too much mood swings

This is also very important. Pregnant mothers must pay attention to it before going to bed. Don’t think about unhappy things. Try to relax yourself as much as possible. You can be happy. There can be no big fluctuations in emotions. You need to pay attention to the third trimester.

If you have time to do prenatal education for your baby, hold your prospective dad together and talk to your baby about the happy things you encounter during the day. Even if you simply talk to the fetus, the fetus will be "gratified". Of course, you can let the fetus listen to some Soothing music, these lighter activities are also very helpful for falling asleep, and the quality of sleep after the pregnant mother falls asleep will be higher.

In order to improve the sleep quality of the pregnant mother, the prospective father can also rub the calf and shoulders of the daughter-in-law, the pregnant mother can also take a hot bath, bubble feet with warm water, etc. These are not only conducive to the pregnant mother to fall asleep quickly, to the fetus Development will be more favorable.

Before going to bed, pregnant mothers are "exquisite", and they can be said to have many benefits. For pregnant mothers and their families, attention should be paid to the health of the pregnant mother and the development of the fetus. Only in this way can the pregnant mother have good sleep quality and good fetal development, and a family can be more at ease.

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