Monday, June 29, 2020

People rely on clothes, cars, paint, and care of car paint surface needs attention

Words: People rely on clothes, horses and saddles, showing how important appearance is to people. This makes us have to think of a car. A car with a bright appearance is indeed eye-catching. The car paint gives the car a dazzling appearance and enhances the value of the car. Its excellent protection performance also extends the life of the car. Because the car paint contains organic ingredients, it will oxidize itself, and will also weather and deteriorate. As a vehicle, long-term wind and sun will soon lose its original gloss and its protection function will also be reduced. Therefore, in order to make the car look permanent, it really needs the careful care of the owner.

Composition of car paint

According to experts, automotive paint consists of three parts: primer, intermediate coat and top coat. There are two types of automotive topcoats, namely natural paint (commonly known as plain paint) and metallic flash paint (commonly known as metallic paint), which are roughly half of each. In recent years, the metallic paint series has developed rapidly, and the color has also developed towards a sense of transparency, depth, and high color.

From the color point of view, under normal circumstances, milky white or fruit colors are ordinary paint, and black, silver and other colors of paint are mixed with metal substances, the color is brighter, and the adhesion is stronger. Now Audi and Mercedes-Benz are using nano-technology paint, the gap between the paint molecules is smaller, so the effect is better.

Automotive topcoats are mostly composed of film-forming substances (resins), pigments (including body pigments), solvents and additives. Pigment is the substance of the color of the topcoat, which does not evaporate, it gives the paint the ability to cover; the film-forming substance is the substance that determines the type of paint, generally composed of natural resin or artificial resin, and its role is to keep the pigment bright and make it Strong and durable and can adhere to the surface of the car body; the solvent is an easily volatile component in the paint, its main role is to fully dissolve the resin in the paint film, so that the paint can be applied normally; the proportion of additives in the paint is generally not more than 5% , Play the role of accelerating drying and enhancing gloss, can improve the chemical resistance of car paint.

The importance of conservation

The dust, wind and rain in the natural environment have caused considerable damage to the paint of the car, and thorough cleaning is essential. The stains on the car paint can be treated by different methods. For the asphalt, the asphalt spots contaminated by the car can be removed with professional de-asphalting water; in case of tiny flowers, it should be locally ground and polished with abrasive sandpaper; it can also be used for the whole car. Wax glazing and so on, these are ways to keep the lacquered surface of your car always young.

In summer, rainwater generally shows an acid state. After rain, the concentration of local acidic substances will show an upward trend as the rainwater evaporates on the paint surface. If the rainwater stains on the surface of the car paint are not cleaned as soon as possible, the paint surface will be damaged after a long time. . Many rain stains are usually found on the front cover of the car, because the engine generates a lot of heat when the car is working. At this time, the rain water also evaporates more quickly, and a watermark appears. If the watermark penetrates deeper, only waxing is to play. It doesn't fall off. Generally, you need to go to a car beauty shop for maintenance and polish with static wax. The role of static wax is to restore the car paint to light, and then wax it.

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