Tuesday, June 30, 2020

People can't see pregnancy, but you are like "holding a ball" every day? Most of these factors are causing trouble

Has the pregnant mother experienced anything like ours? Want to know why other people can't see pregnancy, but you are like "holding a ball" every day? Let's take a closer look. It should be caused by the following factors.

Fat body, thick belly fat

Some pregnant mothers are fat and have thick belly fat. Before they are pregnant, they are always mistaken for "pregnant women" and often suffer from "being seated". Therefore, after they become pregnant, their stomachs will become as big as "hold a ball". However, if someone else gives themselves a seat at this time, they will be "comfortable" in their hearts.

This is what happened to a classmate of mine. She had never recovered from her body when she was born, and she had a baby in her belly. And every time she goes out to take the bus, although she sucks her stomach as much as possible, she will still be seated by well-meaning people.

Later, she was pregnant with a second child, and just over a month after pregnancy, she began to enjoy the treatment of pregnant women in a big way on the bus. In her words: "It was really the second child that saved me, and I won’t have to suck my stomach when I go out of the palace."

The placenta is on the anterior wall, usually worse

When the old people see the pregnant woman holding her belly, they always say "before" and "after". What does that mean? In fact, after the woman is pregnant, is the placenta in the anterior or posterior wall of the uterus. If the pregnant mother pays attention, you will find that when we go to the hospital for a B-ultrasound examination, the position of the placenta will also be displayed on the list.

In general, the basic conditions of two pregnant mothers (fat and thin, how much amniotic fluid, fetal size, etc.) are similar. Pregnant mothers with placenta in the front wall of the uterus are worse than pregnant mothers in the posterior wall of the uterus.

The fetus is well absorbed during pregnancy and grows up

A few days ago, my cousin went to the hospital for a checkup and chatted with a pregnant mother after the checkup. Originally, the cousin looked at the pregnant mother's small belly and thought she was younger than her own month. Who knows that a pair of B-ultrasounds are about the same month. However, the weight of the fetus is much worse.

The pregnant mother said, "I have had a bad appetite after eating, I can't eat, and I can't sleep well, so the size of the fetus is not consistent with the normal gestational age. Moreover, the doctor said that my placenta's blood supply is not very good, probably the fetal nutrient absorption It’s too bad.” And my cousin, she eats incense throughout her pregnancy, and her belly grows like a balloon. More importantly, the nutrition of the fetus in her stomach is also good, and the mother and the child are "double supplement and double length".

Therefore, people can't see pregnancy, but you seem to "hold a ball" every day, mostly because of these factors. Of course, this is also related to the physique of the pregnant mother. Some people are not fat when they eat during pregnancy, and the fetus looks pregnant. And some people, looking very fat, have a small belly and no fetus.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should not worry about the size of their stomachs, just pay attention to a healthy diet and rest well.

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