Monday, June 29, 2020

Pay attention to the situation of the three tires and replace them in time to ensure driving safety

The design of a car is more fashionable and eye-catching. If there is no tire and the support of the wheel hub, it cannot drive normally, and the health of the tire is also closely related to the driving safety. After the long holiday of the Spring Festival, the owner of a car traveling may wish to check and maintain the car tires at the 4S shop, so as not to affect daily use. Of course, the editor also introduces three precautions here. Owners can rely on their own observation and touch to determine whether the tires need to be replaced.

Tread loss close to wear mark

A tire of any brand will have a wear mark on the bottom of the tread groove. The wear mark height of a general car tire is 1.6 mm, and the wear mark height of a load tire is 2.4 mm.

Some car owners believe that as long as the tire is not broken, it will continue to be used even if the tire pattern is almost worn out. Such an old tire is actually very dangerous: when it encounters slippery roads, the tread pattern cannot completely drain the water under the tire , It is easy to cause the vehicle to get out of control.

Damaged tires such as cracks or bulging

In the process of daily use of the car, the tire may be stuck by foreign objects, or accidentally hit the road teeth, which will cause damage to the tire. Damaged tires include cracks in the tread, bulging of the tread, lack of tread rubber, severe wear on the sidewalls, and tires getting stuck by foreign objects many times. Especially the bulge, the tire will burst at any time. As long as these tires are found to be damaged, the owner must go to a professional tire shop to check the tires of the car as soon as possible and replace them in time.

Tire expiry

Even if the car owner usually drives well, the road conditions are good, and the maintenance of the tires is in place, the tires will gradually age over time. The service life of tires is usually about 5 years, beyond which the tires will begin to age. The main manifestation of tire aging is surface hardening, followed by cracks. Aging tires will lose their resilience, and if they continue to be used, they will cause deformation of the tread and there is a risk of flat tires.

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