Sunday, June 28, 2020

Pay attention to the daily maintenance of your car

Many car owners believe that car maintenance is not necessary, and minor problems such as the sudden ignition of the engine and the unsatisfactory effect of the wiper wipe do not require too much attention. Just as a small cold can also cause major illnesses, if a seemingly simple car problem is not concerned, it is likely to affect the life of the car or the safety of the occupants. The editor reminds netizens to pay more attention to the daily maintenance of the car, and to say goodbye to minor problems.

What to do if the engine does not catch fire

The start of the engine is completed by the electric current of the battery to push the spark plug to ignite. If the engine does not catch fire, it may be caused by the battery rust or the battery dripping. If the engine spark plug is wet on a rainy day, it may cause a fire. Every two months, check whether the battery fluid in the battery is sufficient. During observation, if the liquid level is between the upper and lower engraved lines, it is considered appropriate.

In addition, the liquid level difference of each tank should also be checked. If the liquid level is insufficient, you can unscrew the cover on the battery and pour distilled water to make up the liquid level. Then check the battery terminals and use an iron brush to remove any dirt on the terminals. If the wiring clamp is seriously damaged, you can use sandpaper to wipe along the inner wall to remove the dirt. If the spark plug is wet, take it out and bake it with a lighter to evaporate the moisture on it as soon as possible.

What to do if fuel consumption increases inexplicably

The most common increase in fuel consumption that is easily overlooked by car owners is the inspection of tire pressure. Insufficient tire pressure will not only increase driving resistance and fuel consumption, but also affect the service life of the tire. When driving, pay attention to whether each tire is flat, and check the tire pressure regularly. Of course, don’t forget to check the spare tire, so as not to find that the spare tire is exhausted when it is time to replace the tire. When the temperature is high, the tire pressure will be higher than usual, so it is more accurate to measure the tire pressure in cold weather. The tires have to switch positions every 10,000 kilometers, to avoid the difference in front and rear wear.

Reduced engine performance

This is probably caused by failure to replace the engine oil for a long time, the oil filter, the air filter and the gasoline filter have caused insufficient fuel combustion and increased engine carbon deposits. The oil and oil filters need to be replaced every 5,000 kilometers, and the air filters and gasoline filters need to be replaced every 10,000 kilometers. Otherwise, impurities in the air, fuel and oil will cause parts Wear and block the oil circuit, which affects the normal operation of the engine.

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