Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Pain in childbirth is comparable to breaking 20 ribs, learning these tips before giving birth, pregnant mothers suffer less

The sister-in-law is about to give birth in more than a month. The sister-in-law said that the more she gets pregnant, the more she is afraid of labor pain. People are such things that they have not experienced, and they are often the most afraid, not to mention that the production pain is comparable to breaking 20 ribs. This is a well-known thing.

So recently, my sister-in-law has been searching the Internet for the secret of her baby being painless, and even my brother was assigned a job. Although my brother is an orthopedic surgeon, it is still very convenient to go to the obstetrics department to find the secret to ask the sister-in-law.

1. Make preparations before production

It is not easy to conceive in October. From the beginning when I knew that my baby was coming, pregnant mothers have been preparing for the birth. In addition to the waiting bags before delivery, the daily life of pregnant mothers has to do two preparations before birth. .

One is to do pre-pregnancy examinations to rule out diseases that may affect pregnancy and childbirth. The second is to timely adjust the physical state to prevent obesity, anemia and other sub-health conditions from affecting pregnant mothers' production.

2. Do your homework

Most pregnant mothers want to give birth, but sometimes it is counterproductive and has to choose a cesarean section. Therefore, a pregnant mother who is planning to give birth will have to do her homework three months after the baby is born. Because you want to give birth, four elements are indispensable:

One is the birth canal, which includes the hard birth canal and the soft birth canal. The hard birth canal is the pelvis that pregnant mothers are most familiar with. The size and shape of the pelvis are born. Most pregnant mothers will meet the birth standard.

The most familiar to pregnant women in the soft birth canal are the cervix and the vagina. Is this birth canal conducive to delivery? Pregnant mothers can intervene during pregnancy. For example, pregnant mothers can control their weight and avoid being too obese, resulting in excessive birth canal fat affecting production. In addition, pregnant women do more exercise to do related birth canal exercise is also conducive to smooth birth.

The second is fertility. This pregnant mother is also very familiar with it. After all, she has seen many scenes of baby born in costume dramas, and she knows that lack of strength or the wrong use of strength will affect the birth of the baby, so uterine contractility is very important.

Because the whole birth process of the pregnant mother is mainly the most painful process of opening the uterine opening, and the entire opening of the uterine opening depends on the contraction of the uterus to complete, but the pregnant mother's uterine contraction ability is directly related to the physical quality of the pregnant mother, so exercise during pregnancy is very important.

The third is the fetus. Usually pregnant mothers know that the fetal position and the size of the fetal baby are important when giving birth, but there is no objective understanding of the fetal position and the size of the fetus.

Under normal circumstances, the most conducive birth position is the head position, but some pregnant mothers have irregularities in the breech position, lateral position and head position during the birth examination. If the fetal position is incorrect, it can be between 30 and 32 weeks of pregnancy Corrected, but more difficult than 32 weeks, so after 28 weeks to do a pregnancy check.

In addition, the size of the baby is also an important factor. Generally, a baby of about 6 pounds is most conducive to smooth delivery, so weight control during pregnancy is really important.

The fourth is the psychology of pregnant mothers. Many pregnant mothers know that the two periods of pregnancy are the most difficult, one is early pregnancy and the other is late pregnancy. In addition to the physical pregnancy reaction in the first trimester, the most important thing is that the pregnant mother in the first trimester is very fragile, and it is easy to lose his temper and have emotions, so the company of the family in the first trimester is very important.

As the third trimester of pregnancy is nearing birth, in addition to low back pain, pubic pain, rib pain and other body pains, frequent urination, and insomnia, pregnant mothers will be more afraid of birth pain, so pregnant mothers in the second trimester should have firm confidence and maintain a positive attitude.

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