Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Others are still "girls" after giving birth, but you seem to be ten years old? Mother to find the right reason

When Baoma Chenchen took her child to the hospital for treatment, she was misunderstood as the child's grandmother. It turned out that Chenchen was originally a high-necked woman after giving birth, and the physical and mental stress was particularly great. The whole portrait was like a teenager. In fact, this situation is not uncommon in our lives. Sometimes you think it is the baby's grandma and in fact people are mothers. But some women seem to be no different from girls after giving birth, so what caused the huge gap between the two types of treasure mothers?

1. Family economic pressure

Material conditions are the foundation of all life, and some mothers need to take care of their babies full-time for various reasons. However, family chores are no easier than coming to work. In addition to taking care of the baby, there are endless housework, unwashed clothes, and endless wood oil and salt. Some treasure moms also want to reduce the burden for her husband. So I have to save money and frugality. As for the maintenance products, fashion, etc., I have never used it, and naturally it is not comparable to the mother who often maintains.

2. Depressed mood

We often find that cheerful, positive people tend to look young. Those who are heavier and more likely to get angry are more likely to be old. Traditional Chinese medicine often says that qi hurts the liver. In fact, the liver, as an important detoxification organ of the human body, plays a role in helping the body expel toxins to clean up the blood. Often people who are in a bad mood have more or less liver problems. The toxin cannot be completely eliminated, and it will eventually lead to a dull complexion and poor health.

3. Family is not considerate

If you can let Bao Ma enjoy the care and love from relatives in the family, then even if life is not rich, I believe that Bao Ma will have a happy mental state. But there are many treasure moms in their wives' homes, because of different living habits and different levels of education, there are many places that need to be adjusted and adapted.

Due to the arrival of the children, the parenting methods of the two generations are also different, often causing conflict and friction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. At this time, if the husband does not give power, then the mother will be completely trapped in the struggle alone. At this time, mothers not only have to take care of their children but also suffer from mental pressure, but also bear all kinds of accusations from relatives, friends, and neighbors. It can be said that every day is exhausting. The pressure of women living in such a family environment can be imagined.

4. Improper lifestyle

In addition to some objective and irresistible factors, some of the bad habits of Baoma’s own mothers will also affect their status. For example, staying up late and playing with mobile phones for a long time, or overeating without regular and uncontrolled, will affect the mother. Physical recovery.

Therefore, mothers should not be envious of seeing others recover quickly after childbirth. They must first find reasons for themselves, maintain good living habits and moods, and avoid some bad factors affecting themselves.

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