Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Obstetricians and gynecologists suggest: these kinds of situations occur in pregnant mothers, please choose cesarean section in advance

Whether a pregnant mother can give birth, in addition to personal will, the key depends on the doctor. In general, obstetricians and gynecologists will recommend: If the pregnant mother has the following conditions, please choose cesarean section in advance.

Irregular fetal position

After 28 weeks of pregnancy, and then go for an obstetric examination, the fetal position will be displayed on the B ultrasound alone. The normal fetal position is the head position, so that the production is relatively smooth. The wrong position of the fetus is the lateral position, the breech position, the posterior pillow position, etc., which are not conducive to the smooth delivery of the mother.

In the past, when the medical conditions were poor, the fetal position was not correct. For example, when the baby's feet were facing down during delivery, the midwife will also find a way to make the mother deliver. However, there is no way to do it. It is still dangerous for adults and children.

Now that medicine is developed, in addition to natural delivery, there is also a caesarean section with the help of surgery. If the pregnant mother has an abnormal fetal position, the doctor will generally recommend a caesarean section.

The fetus is a "huge child"

Under normal circumstances, pregnant mothers who want to give birth, it is best to control the weight of the fetus to about 6 pounds, so it is best to give birth. If the weight of the fetus is equal to or greater than 4000 grams, that is, 8 pounds, it is a "huge child", so that the pregnant mother will suffer a great deal of birth, and the biggest possibility is that she will not be born.

In addition, because of the difficulty of birth, huge children will lead to an increase in the duration of labor, and if they take too long, there will be a risk of fetal asphyxia and hypoxia. Therefore, prenatal doctors will pass B-ultrasound to make a rough estimate of the fetus' weight. If it is judged as "suspected huge child", the doctor will recommend a caesarean section for the pregnant mother during delivery.

The fetus has severe umbilical cord around the neck

During pregnancy, many fetuses will have umbilical cord around the neck. As long as the neck is not serious, the fetal movement and fetal heart rate are normal, and pregnant mothers should not worry too much. Moreover, many fetuses around the neck can return to normal before delivery. Under normal circumstances, the fetus around the neck for a week or two, the doctor will also encourage pregnant mothers to give birth. If during this process, the fetal heart is normal, and the fetus is not hypoxic, and the delivery conditions of the women themselves are good, they can still be delivered successfully.

However, if the fetus has a serious umbilical cord around the neck, such as more than two or three turns around the neck, and the birth is carried out, the fetus may develop asphyxia and hypoxia. In this case, the doctor will recommend the maternal caesarean section in advance.

Therefore, although it is good to give birth, but pregnant mothers have these kinds of situations, it is still for the safety of themselves and the fetus, prepare for a cesarean section in advance.

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