Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Obstetricians and gynecologists: It is not recommended to keep the baby in these situations, it is not good to be capricious

A netizen left a message in the background. She said that her menstruation has been irregular. Some time ago, because of an upset stomach, she always had nausea after eating. She didn’t think she was pregnant at the beginning. After eating for a few days, I still felt uncomfortable, and then went to the hospital to be informed that I was pregnant.

But thinking about the medicines I took a few days ago, this netizen was very worried. I don't know if this situation will affect the baby in the belly, and whether the baby will be defective after birth.

My aunt is a gynecologist with many years of work experience. For the problem of netizens, I specifically consulted her. The advice of the obstetrician and gynecologist is whether the baby can stay, mainly depends on the stomach medicine taken by the netizen. If it is clearly forbidden by the pregnant mother, you must be cautious. If it is only used by pregnant mothers or other drugs that have no effect, then the baby will not be affected.

My aunt who is a gynecologist and obstetrician also told me that babies conceived in these situations may have defects after birth. Generally speaking, it is not recommended to stay. Blindness is not good, don’t be irresponsible.

I just had some major surgery recently

Some women have just had some major surgery recently, and their bodies are still relatively weak, and they have been taking various medicines after the surgery. If it is accidentally pregnant during this period, the baby is pregnant, the doctor also recommends not to stay.

Because no matter before or after surgery, doctors usually prescribe a lot of medicines to patients, and most of these medicines will also be very detrimental to the development of the fetus. Women risk giving birth to babies, and they are more likely to have defects after birth.

Couples have one party and have been taking medicines Couples have one party and have been taking medicines

For whatever reason, if one of the couples has been taking medication for a long time, the obstetrician and gynecologist do not recommend staying during this period. In order to be responsible for yourself and your baby, the obstetrician's advice is to take good measures when you are in the same room during the medication. Otherwise, you accidentally "won the prize", and it is the women themselves who suffered.

Long-term use of birth control pills

If the husband and wife are not planning to have a baby and have been taking birth control pills, the baby who is pregnant in this case should be cautious if it is to stay. In any case, contraceptives are a kind of hormonal drugs, which may affect the development of the embryo and lead to a higher risk of fetal problems. Therefore, obstetricians and gynecologists also recommend that it is best not to stay and not to be irresponsible.

There is also a situation where women take emergency contraceptives afterwards. Generally speaking, if you only take the medicine this time, you are pregnant with your baby. In principle, your baby should not be greatly affected. However, some cases are not ruled out. The most safe case is that if the baby is pregnant in this situation, if it is going to stay, the obstetric examination during the entire pregnancy should be done well, especially the deflection examination.

The editor’s suggestion is that if the couple wants to have a baby, there are many taboos that need to be paid attention to. For the health of the baby, both husband and wife must strictly abide by it; on the contrary, if they are not prepared to have a baby, they must take good measures .

Otherwise, if you are pregnant without being prepared, miscarriage is a kind of harm to the body. You can't bear to abort the baby, and the baby may have some defects in some ways. Either way, it will suffer and torture for women.

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