Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Obstetrician: My wife's inexplicable miscarriage may not be related to her husband's "hidden diseases"

Therefore, many obstetricians say that if the wife always miscarries, she may not be able to get rid of some "hidden diseases" of her husband. What "hidden disease"? We look at the following aspects:

Bacteria in male sperm

Studies have shown that very few men carry a certain amount of bacteria in their semen. The bacteria are not easy to detect. Men with this condition are asymptomatic spermatozoa. Once these men conceived their wives, bacteria in the sperm would cause abnormal development of the embryo in the wife's abdomen, which would lead to miscarriage.

This disease is very secretive for men, and can only be diagnosed by special examinations. Therefore, those wives who have a habitual miscarriage and can't find any men who have any problems on both sides can be suspected of being spermosis. This kind of disease is not difficult to cure. The key is that the husband should do early examination and early treatment, so as to avoid his wife suffering from miscarriage.

Male sperm quality decline

In most cases, men reject the sperm quality check, and once the wife has a miscarriage, she will find the cause of the female disease. In fact, this is a wrong perception. After all, female pregnancy, the formation of an embryo, is the result of the combined action of sperm and egg. Therefore, once the wife has a miscarriage, the husband also has to check the sperm quality, because the decline in sperm quality is also an important factor leading to female abortion.

If men regularly smoke, drink alcohol, or even take drugs, it will cause a serious decline in sperm quality, and it will also lead to chromosomal aberrations, which will reduce the quality of fertilized eggs and cause female abortion.

In addition, if men often work in an environment with high temperature, radiation, and volatilization of chemical gases, the quality of sperm will also decline, and even sperm deformity will occur, which also leads to miscarriage of his wife.

Disease causes sperm deformity

Some netizens said: "My husband has varicocele. We didn't know it before. Then I had a fetal cessation within two months of pregnancy. Later, I also had two miscarriages again. Some time ago, the two of us arrived Upon examination in the hospital, I was fine, but my husband was suffering from this disease.

The doctor said that this disease can easily lead to male infertility, even if the wife is pregnant, fetal malformation, miscarriage and abortion are also prone to occur. Therefore, now we mainly treat the disease first, and then consider the matter of having children. "

Indeed, when men have certain diseases, such as the men's varicocele mentioned by this netizen, and other diseases, such as tumors, persistent fever and other diseases, it will lead to abnormal sperm growth and deformity.

Then, it is also easy to cause the wife's habitual abortion or abortion. Therefore, if a man has a disease that easily leads to sperm deformity, he must pay close attention to treatment and then consider fertility problems.

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