Friday, June 26, 2020

Note, do not buy these types of tea

When it comes to tea, I believe that everyone is not new to this thing. I will prepare some tea in every home, because sometimes when a guest comes, they will pour a cup of tea, and there are tea leaves in it, plus the current ones. The standard of living is getting better. More people eat big fish and meat every day. Many people prefer to drink tea. Tea is a kind of self-cultivation. Why do you often buy some bad tea? It will be a bit ruining the mood. Friends who like to buy tea should pay attention. Don't buy these kinds of tea, and don't give it to you.

The first kind, especially cheap tea, don't need 998, as long as the tea of ​​9.8, it sounds very attractive, but people are not fools, how can such cheap tea be good, merchants are always merchants, how You may be doing a loss-making business to sell you such tea. The reason why the expensive tea is expensive is that it is rare. If you can buy it at such a cheap price, then what is the significance of this tea, so if you see it, Keep your eyes open to see when there are discounts or events.

The second kind is the "precious" tea in ordinary restaurants, because ordinary restaurants will pour you a cup of tea when they are consumed there. At this time, you should not expect good tea, it is impossible. , But some people say the name is very nice, it seems like a very advanced look, but you think about it, you are not a VIP, why should you give such good tea, the boss is not stupid, in fact, the tea in the general teahouse is five For tea prices between ten yuan, it is okay to drink once in a while, but do not drink it often.

The third kind is over-scented tea leaves. We all know that generally good tea leaves will have a faint scent, but some tea leaves have a choke nose. You should pay attention to such tea leaves, just like a good perfume In general, good perfumes have a light scent, and they don’t have a special fragrance. People smell that kind of special comfortable fragrance. The tea is the same. If the smell is a special fragrance, you have to Pay more attention to whether the flavor is added.

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