Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Newborn baby likes to cry? Because mom didn't take the right way

Now, many post-90s have already taken the position of father and mother. Many young couples are the first time to be father and mother. They have no experience of taking care of children, and they cannot adopt the correct method of taking care of children. Most of the time, I will hear the crying of the baby, which makes parents unable to start, helpless, and do not know what to do. Therefore, some novice parents will consult their parents and think that they have rich Experience can be used for reference and adoption, but some people feel that their parents' thoughts are too old, and their methods are too old or even too superstitious, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of the baby, and there will even be other negative effects. So they will go to consult relevant professional medical staff and parenting experts.

Many treasure moms are worried and troubled that the newborn baby is not easy to sleep at night. The baby sleeps unsteadily at night, crying in the middle of the night, awakening more and more times, some parents think the baby is hungry, the baby will still cry after breastfeeding; some think it is cold or hot, after taking a solution , The child is still crying, no matter what method is used, there is no way to solve it.

In fact, after asking their parents and medical staff, they all told them that they must wrap their whole body before going to bed, so as to avoid crying. However, young couples feel that this is unscientific, and will restrict the normal development of the baby, and even cause serious consequences. They will not be put into action, and the result is still unsolvable. So, why can bundled sleep solve the problem of baby crying?

First of all, when the baby is in the mother's stomach, as the body continues to grow and change into an adult, the mother's abdomen space is limited, and their activity space is naturally limited. At the end of pregnancy, the baby can only curl up in the mother's abdomen. After a long period of pregnancy, the baby will get used to this kind of sleep and lifestyle, and can only curl up to sleep. Therefore, tying up the baby can restore it to a state of pregnancy and sleep better.

Secondly, the baby is more secure. The warmth in the belly of the mother is exuded from the inside to the outside. Unlike the warmth of the outside world, the fetus enjoys the warmth of the mother in the belly, and the smell of the mother is exuded around them. They are familiar with this environment. In the package, it can bring the surrounding warmth of the baby. Although it can not be compared with the warmth in the belly, it can give the baby a sense of security. Comfortable sleeping environment improves the problem of crying and waking up in the middle of the night.

Most of the crying of the baby is caused by the parents’ wrong way of care. As long as you adopt the suggestions and absorb more experience, you can naturally improve it.

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