Sunday, June 28, 2020

New cars need to be cared for carefully

The newly bought car needs your careful care, and the first step to take care of the car is to let the car run in. The running-in period of the car is like the warm-up exercise of the athletes before the competition. The purpose is to adjust and improve the ability of the various components of the car to adapt to the environment. "A good start is half of the success." Car running in and out will have an important impact on car life, safety and economy. Here is a guide for everyone about the running-in period of the new car.


Some new drivers always feel that the car is new and there is no need to maintain it. And more people, who are conscious of maintaining new cars, just can’t find a good way to maintain them. In fact, the new car is the period most in need of maintenance. If the new car is not maintained, it will become a classic car in two or three years.

Repair it if it's broken. Maintenance is useless. If there is a problem with the car, it is sent to the repair shop, but it is unwilling to work hard on maintenance. Not to mention wasting repair costs, the car is getting worse and worse. The driving habit of "only driving, not keeping a car" will greatly damage the engine and directly lead to many problems such as slow speed increase, large engine noise, and high fuel consumption.


In the use of the car during the running-in period, the following basic principles should be followed, which is the basic requirement for maintenance during the running-in period:

1. Load reduction: The load of the car during the running-in period cannot exceed 75% of the rated load. When loading a new car, it should be lower than the specified load or number of people, and it should not be overloaded, because overloading will increase the burden on the engine, transmission, transmission system, suspension system and other components, increase wear and damage the vehicle.

2. Choose high-quality lubricating oil: choose low-viscosity and high-quality lubricating oil, which can make the friction surface get good lubrication and slow down the wear of machine parts.

3. Reasonable use of oil: try to add better quality gasoline (the gasoline label is not necessarily very high, but it must be clean.)


During the run-in period of the car, the owner should enter the normal use period after running-in, inspection and maintenance according to the instructions in the instruction manual.

After buying a new car, the first car body maintenance is often a guarantee for the quality of car maintenance in the future. If the maintenance is not good at the beginning, many problems will occur in the future.

Although the new car paint surface has no aging problems, it should be thoroughly protected before use. From the factory to the transportation to the parking lot, the car surface paint has been exposed to the attack of air, rain, and sand. Timely and correct maintenance can keep the car young forever. If you are buying an imported car, the first thing to consider is that the car wax contains paraffin, resin and other materials. It is recommended to go to a professional beauty care store and ask a professional to help deal with it.

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